So it’s the middle of April and there have definitely been showers, which would be all hunky dory if a) I could drive everywhere we needed to go and not get wet and b) didn’t have a toddler that absolutely LOVES to splash about in puddles! I have a waterproof coat but it is slightly
padded and really warm, great for the middle of winter but not so good when it’s actually warm just really wet. I’ve been uming and ahhing over which raincoat to get for a couple of months now, and it was a toss up between Joules and Seasalt, but then I got an email from Love the Sales (definitely worth signing up to fyi, you input what you want it to keep an eye on for you, brands/products etc even down to dress sizes and it sends you an email when something matches, a little like saved searches in ebay) telling me the raincoat I had my eye on had gone in the sale, hurrah!


It’s the perfect length to keep your bum dry, I’ve never understood waist length waterproofs! It has a hood (obviously, but it’s got a drawstring to keep it from blowing off my ridiculously small head) and protected stitching so no leaks. Love the pockets too, so handy for keeping keys (and sweets for bribery for getting out of puddles) close to hand! I love that it’s white too, better visibility when it’s really pouring down! The Joules Sale actually has some really lovely kids clothes in at the moment including trousers with feet which are so hard to find in anything above age 9-12 months! However I have vowed to ebay a load of things that they’ve both grown out of before buying anything new, so that’s my plan for tonight once Arlo is asleep…


Here’s something amusing, I waited four days for rain to take these photos… did it come? Did it heck… Then the one day Sam is away with work and can’t take photos for me it rains, sods law!

2 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. I was genuinely eyeing that one up in the sale- it really suits you! Even if the weather wouldn’t play ball and give you some decent rainy photos :p xxx

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