#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 1 month

It’s hard to believe this little squodge is a month old! He’s certainly grown because he’s just started fitting into 0-3 month clothes as opposed to new born! He still seems like a tiny baby to me though, especially as the clothes are all baggy round the middle again!

He got a cold (cheers nursery germs via Athena) when he was about ten old and it’s only just on the way out now! It wasn’t horrific but he was a snuffly little thing for a good few days so we were having to use saline drops and the snot sucker (sorry, nasal aspirator) to help. It also meant that he needed to sleep more upright and decided on my chest was the best/only place for few nights!Β At the moment he’s got sticky eyes but I’m hoping with regular cleaning and some good old healing breastmilk dropped in that they’ll clear up soon!

Feeding – breast feeding on demand (aka constantly most of the time when awake!) And we’ve also got to that glorious stage of doing a number 2 every other day so when they arrive they do it with a bang (& a leak!) A couple of cluster feeding nights have left me in a zombie like state, and I’m convinced Athena never fed as much/for as long but Sam reckons she did and that it was just easier then as all I had to do was feed her, no toddler to look after then!

Sleeping – generally around 3 hours from half seven ish in the evening, then another feed when we get into bed. Overnight he’ll wake around three times but to be honest it’s all a bit of a blur and I try not to clock watch. Depending on what we’re doing he can get another sleep in of up to two hours in the morning (especially if Athena isn’t in his face!) To be honest there’s no routine yet and that’s fine by me.


Other things – Arlo hates having his nappy changed and kicks like a frog making the whole process longer! He doesn’t like being naked at all really! He has great head control and we’re already having to be much less careful about supporting it. He’s happy to just looking around him when he’s awake and not being fed, but much prefers to be on Sam or I than on his own. He’s also happy to be in the sling and will often end up in there for up to three hours as it works its magic on him before he wakes up hungry!

I’m also starting a new blog linky for:
Monthly baby/toddler updates (including letters to your children) & any new achievements (milestones, life changes etc that your children are going through)

The linky is called #WhatMyKidDid, and I’ll get a badge and stuff sorted for next month, as I thought of this on a whim and a bunch of lovely people said they would be up for linking up with it… but for now I will tweet and share everyone’s posts, and feel free to use the hashtag and tag me on twitter (@Belledubrighton)

5 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid – Arlo at 1 month

  1. Oh Arlo is simply scrumptious! I can imagine it is harder feeding on demand with a toddler in tow as well, but it sounds like you’re doing well in spite of feeling somewhat zombified! I’ve linked up, will endeavour to be back monthly!xx #WhatMyKidDid

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