Two under two, it’s not that hard…

… apart from when it is really sodding difficult!

The first month with two under two went something like this…

Week One: Glorious. Those new baby hazy days… snuggles, feeding, having a toddler who is excited by the new baby and a husband who is on paternity leave and who prepares two cooked meals a day for us. No baby-blues (didn’t get them last time) and a weird feeling of utter joy when I look at my expanded family.

Week Two: Fairly glorious still… the new baby excitement is fading a little in favour of his swinging chair which is more often home to her dolls and left on vibrate when it doesn’t need to be.  Husband also has a long board delivered and realises all his paternity leave gives him ample chance to take it to the seafront and practise! Hey, at least we get to walk along the seafront for some fresh air too!

Week Three: Sam is back at work. The first solo day was lovely, both kids napped on me, nobody cried and I felt like super mum. Two days later when arriving home after a morning out Athena refused to walk up the stairs to our flat point blank and Arlo was in the sling screaming his eyes out as he woke up hungry AND did a massive crap which leaked, on me and the sling and also my cardigan and T-shirt. So I pick up Athena under one arm and the changing bag (which weighs almost as much as she does) with the other and attempt to hurtle up the stairs, I strain my C section scar and swear. At the top of the stairs Athena walks into a door frame and bellows four times as loud as her brother. I unceremoniously dump her in her cot for a nap and attempt to de-crap myself and the baby. As soon as this is done I send a text to Sam saying: We need a ground floor home RIGHT NOW. The next day was better though, followed by two more crap days where we all had colds and wanted to kill each other.

Week four: We have finally more or less settled into some semblance of harmonious living where I basically let Athena turf out all the toys she owns then decide to play with my headphones for two hours whilst I sit on the sofa under a baby who refuses to not feed for more than 19 minutes at a time. Athena is however very helpful with putting things in the bin for me (mostly empty biscuit packets) so I’m going to teach her to make me tea next (I jest, kind of) Oh, and there was another poo incident this week of the ‘toddler hand down back of toddler nappy’ variety.

So there you go, the first month of having two tiny beings reliant on me for their every need. I normally do a proper monthly update at the end of the month with what I’ve read/watched/eaten so in brief:

Watched: all of Homeland.

Eaten: too many chocolate biscuits than I care to think about.

Read: twitter in the middle of the night during the incessant and never ending night feeds.

14 thoughts on “Two under two, it’s not that hard…

  1. I loved this post! Humorous and accurate. The small frustrating stuff and the poo’s. Thank you

  2. This brings me back to the first few weeks of our 2 under 3. I must say what you describe is very similar! I am happy to say that we are now almost a year on and it’s more exhausting than I thought but also pretty awesome too! Lovely post. x

  3. Oh god. I have all this to come in about 4 weeks time – lucky me! I am so crap with any form of sleep deprivation but hoping I can muddle by. I will also be consuming more chocolate than is humanly allowed but who cares? Not meeee 🙂 Hopefully you’ll settle into a nice, easy routine for you all xx P.S I’m not looking forward to being on my own with two kids who have both done a poo..

  4. Blimey! Am exhausted just reading that. I’d like to say it gets easier but…… and anyway, they’re like butter wouldn’t melt in the flesh…. Thanks for linking up to #MBPW X

  5. I can relate totally to this, I had 2 kids 13 months apart and another 2 kids 17 months apart (theres one in the middle ye 5 kids lol) and my house was a complete warzone/bombsite/laundrette. I feel for you! xx #MyFavouritePost

  6. Ahhh fab post, but I totally sympathise. I’ve got three (5, 3 & 15m) and yes it’s bloody hard. Anyone that says it isn’t or wasn’t clearly either has no kids, or mumnesia!! xx

  7. Sounds like a challenging time! If you ever need some adult convo let me know and we can go for coffee or something to break up your day 🙂

    p.s – do you have the tubemap bedspread? If so, we have that too! Asda bedsheets are amazing!

  8. Having 2 small people is a real game changer isn’t it. We have some really hard days, but we also have some brilliant days which make it all worth it. Thanks for linking up with #myfavouritepost

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