What Arlo wore: Giraffe print shorts

baby style

After realising that poor Arlo didn’t have a pair of shorts to his name and being on the brink of a heatwave I headed to H&M to get him some. I came out £45 lighter than I went in but got both kids some lovely things. I didn’t even look at the adult clothes, such is life…Anyway, I didn’t want to get him chino style shorts as I think they’d not be comfy in really hot weather and restrict his movements whilst he still prefers crawling as his main method of travel! These gorgeous light jersey shorts have got giraffes on them and were about £5.99 I think. With turn ups and cite little pockets (what is he meant to keep in them?!) they’re perfect for warm days.

They go amazingly well with a T shirt that I got in an ebay bundle a few months back. It’s from Bows & Arrows (one of the Boots brands) and has a cute little pocket and the cotton is super soft,
baby style

I think the two shades of blue go really nicely together and because they’re both so lightweight Arlo was nice and cool in our lovely 22 degree Sunday spent in the sun! Check out his little leg rolls! I definitely need to get him a few more pairs of shorts though if yesterday was anything to go by, so hot I had to roll his leggings off inch by inch!

Oh, and do let me know any recommendations for short-legged rompers, we have a few but they’re so cute I want more!



7 thoughts on “What Arlo wore: Giraffe print shorts

  1. So cute! I love h&m anyway but the kids stuff is equally as nice.
    Also I think the pockets are for keeping stones, leaves, flowers, mud, sand and possibly worms in… 😉 xo

  2. I love these shorts and we are going for soft rompers and shorts for Finn too. Maxomorra and Smafolk have some super cute short rompers, as do Gap actually! I have got some soft shorts for Finn from Zara and Lindex too

  3. Next used o do lots of cute short legged rompers, I loved them for my now 6’3 14yr old rugby player and his chunky legs. Worth a look as often find some great stuff in amongst the skinny jeans for a baby! 😉 I saw a cute 5 pack of stripey rompers in a catalogue from next.

    and h&m? online is often much better than in store. Haven’t been to Brighton for a couple of years but they used to have quite a big store so you might fare better than reading.

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