Athena & Arlo in December

Since my last Siblings post things have been trundling along pretty much the same, apart from a few attempts by Athena to inflict pain on her brother. She’s still at the honest toddler stage, so when I ask if she was trying to hurt him she says yes, although I think it’s more an attention thing. Yesterday for example I had to ask her to stop stop treading on his fingers three times, finally it ended in her in tears because I’d had to raise my voice. Thankfully Arlo is made of strong stuff and yelps in shock more than anything I think.

2015-12-13 16.59.43

Hopefully soon she’ll realise that he will be bigger than her at some point soon, and will start to defend himself! I’m not looking forward to that! Thankfully these little incidents are few and far between and they are far outnumbered by her giving him little kisses and cuddles when she feels like it, holding his hands and patting his head. He still thinks she is the best thing EVER despite being trodden on and yanked about!

2015-12-12 13.34.02

All these photos are phone photos as I’ve no way to transfer photos from my camera without my laptop, but that should be fixed ready for next month!

dear beautiful

5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo in December

  1. Aww these are so cute, well done you for posting without your laptop anyway. These are great candid shots. Sometimes that’s the way when we have our phones isn’t it? They may not be the same quality but they’re so much more natural. Gorgeous #siblings

  2. hahaha!!! Oh bless her, at least shes honest I guess!! Tyne has started to just randomly push Noah over which is fun lol!! Its only started in the last two days so Noahs not annoyed yet, just bemused!!! Arlo sounds like an easy going kinda guy!!! xx

  3. Your children have the most beautiful names! And I love the photos, especially the last one where everyone is so smiley! x

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