Hotter Brighton store launch & walking on air

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to the opening of the new Brighton Hotter Shoes store on Western Road (only a few shops past Churchill Square) and I had a lovely evening of chatting, snacking and most importantly looking at, stroking and trying on shoes!


Yes, I know what you’re thinking ‘isn’t that the old lady shoe shop?’ Well that’s what I thought too but after a quick peruse of the website I realised that actually there was a lot I liked the look of, much more modern styles than I first assumed and even shoes for men too. Once I arrived at the store it was even clearer that the target audience isn’t your gran, although she’d feel quite at home too! There were Brighton prints on the wall, modern but tasteful decor and comfortable chairs for trying on shoes and boots. All the team I spoke to were friendly, not pushy and obviously knowledgeable too.


We had a little presentation on the history of the company, launching in 1959 as a slipper manufacturers they now claim to make shoes as comfortable as slippers… more on that later! Opening their first store after a successful mail order business they’ve grown from 5 stores in 2010 to over SEVENTY at present! They even have people in their call centre till 4am our time taking orders from customers in the states! Sizes start at a UK 3 to a size 9 including half sizes and different width fittings in many styles, and amazingly Hotter are the UK’s biggest shoe manufacturer, and make a new pair of shoes every 20 seconds!

Sophie enjoying her Hotter Moment with some awesome mustard shoes!




There were a few styles that caught my eye, I really really loved the Shawbury boots (top left) but sadly they were out of stock in my size! One for the Christmas list instead! The pair of shoes I came home with however are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn I think, and yes they ARE as comfy as slippers! In fact more so because they have arch support for my ridiculously high arches! These are the Velocity shoes…


They’re from the active range, and I picked them because after Christmas I will be going back to my day job after maternity leave and will be on my feet for an eight hour shift one or two times a week. Long gone are they days of having aching feet after wearing cheap un-supportive flats or silly high heels at work. I will also be happy to wear these outside work, their springy sole and memory foam insole mean they’re ridiculously comfy, a bit like when someone has a brand new deep pile carpet and you sink into it! I tell you what, three years ago you wouldn’t have caught me wearing a shoe like this but having tried them on and now worn them out and about I think I’ve found my alternatives to my birkenstocks for every day wear! They’re comfortable with or without socks too, and I detest socks so this is another plus point from me! Oh! and they’re current reduced by £30 and are only £29!

Hotter have also recently launched a range of shoes that are SO light they’re almost non existent, weighing 140g but are still as comfortable than the rest of the range, it’s called the H29 range and they would be PERFECT for people that are on their feet all day as they’re also breathable.

Thank you to the Hotter shoes team for a lovely evening, and for letting Arlo use a shoe horn as a teether! I love my new shoes, and I’ll definitely be back for another pair at some point in the not too distant future!

9 thoughts on “Hotter Brighton store launch & walking on air

  1. I love Hotter Shoes! I used to think they were a ‘granny’ shop too hah, but they have some beautiful shoes! I always pop into the Worthing store for a gander 🙂 Those red boots are absolutely beautiful, what a shame they didn’t have them stocked in your size! x

  2. The Shawbury Boots are our favourite too. We have a store in Winchester and sadly my mummy missed out on their opening launch. Maybe next time. We’ve never purchased from Hotter Shoes so will be checking out their website! #TriedTested

  3. There is a Hotters in Newcastle and I have never actually been in as I always thought that it was a more mature ladies shoe shop and their would be nothing I would wear. I think I need to visit next time I am shopping as it looks like they have some really nice shoes. It sounds like it was a great event xx

  4. I love the mustard ones! I’ve always wanted a pair of yellow shoes, but I can never find quite the shade and shape I like. these look quite amazing!
    Is the manufacturing actually done in UK?

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