Athena & Arlo – January 2016


Another month, another four weeks of watching these two grow together. In all honesty not a great deal has changed in their relationship in recent weeks. Athena still likes to body slam Arlo and to sit on him, all in the name of sisterly love! He’s still verygood natured and just lets her get on with it, letting out the odd screech if it really does get too much. He gets his own back by pulling himself up on her which she hates! He’s also often found trying to pinch her food, play with her puzzle pieces whilst she’s trying to put it together and crawling under her bed to get to all her books when I’m reading her a book before bed. I often end up popping him onto her bed which she loves, and the photo above was a result of pretending not to be watching them! It’s just a grainy phone snap but it’s my new favourite photo!

In fact all these photos are from my phone, but they show little snapshots of their relationship as I see them!



dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – January 2016

  1. Aw those photos are so sweet! I love the first one. Sounds like they love each other (except for the occasional body slam!)

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. Just look at these two getting all grown up. Arlo is so big now! Toby does the whole body slam and horsey riding on Teddy, although he’s very very rough and Teddy’s not the biggest fan really. Beautiful babies xx

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