Hello first Stuff on a Sunday of 2016! Here’s a little non chronological run down of our past few weeks because I’ve still not  got over the Christmas/New Year ‘what day is it?’ fug. I’m still very much in lazy Christmas mode, I don’t really have any energy to do anything useful at all but I wanted to try and get the post up!


  • Lots of days of attempting to keep both kids happy inside, I’m tired of the rain. The incessant, never ending rain.
  • A couple of trips to Currys because I’m pissed off with not having a laptop still (curry’s pc world you SUCK. Fix the original fault, then fix the hinge your technicians broke (how!?) then lastly find my data that you supposedly recovered, not sure where it is because the hard drive you gave me had SOMEBODY ELSE’S DATA ON IT! Never heard of the data protection act have you? Oooohh it makes my blood boil just talking about it?
  • Attempting to write packing and to do lists for our holiday in two weeks, eek!
  • Getting on the case of our solicitors to get this house purchase sorted and closer to completion20160106_101655
  • Cleaning Banana out of the rug (I seem to have to do this almost daily!) But I got a dust-buster for Christmas so it’s sort of fun! I know, I can’t believe I said that!
  • Reading through and commenting on all the lovely 2015 recap posts that people have linked up to my Share your Year linky
  • Not getting much sleep, cheers Arlo for your wholly sporadic sleeping.
  • Watching some Christmas TV on catch up. Nothing was amazing really, I liked Catherine Tates shows and it was nice to see Downton Abbey  all wrapped up neatly. Most of the shows Sam and I watch together are on season breaks, apart from Big Bang Theory so I’ve actually been going to sleep a bit earlier which is probably no bad thing, that or reading of course!
  • I’ve been attempting to batch cook a bit more too, and vaguely do some meal planning but I’ll work on that a bit after we’ve come back from holiday as that will be fairly indulgent!

This afternoon we’re heading out for a walk/puddle stomp hopefully it will be less wet than last weekends walk that we had to abandon because we were all soaked through, however it is still very much raining right now so who knows!

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