Athena at Two and a half

AthenaMy once chubby toddler is now a seemingly gigantic tall girl! It happened all of a sudden, she shot up and starting talking in sentences. She’s even more sure of what she likes and doesn’t like and has us both wrapped around her little finger. She is her brothers favourite person in the world. I’m late writing this as she actually turned 2.5 at the start of December, but close enough!

Since she turned two back in June she has become a chatterbox, at first she just had a few favourite words but then slowly but surely she picked new ones up daily and is now able to make it clear what she wants (and doesn’t!) and communication is a lot easier in both directions! She’s a huge Frozen fan (though she calls it ‘Let it Go’, well really ‘eteeGO’) and likes to have ‘let it go hair’ which to everyone else is plaits!

She’s not really one for sitting still for long, she loves to flit from one toy, puzzle or book to another. She dances when she hears music, something she used to do and then stopped. Now she loves to do little dances all over the place and I think if she carries on loving to move then we’ll start thinking about lessons in something.


Amazingly she’s still having a midday nap of around two hours, and those two hours really help keep me (almost) sane, as it means if I time things right I can rest in bed with Arlo once he’s asleep and then am a bit fresher for the afternoon shenanigans! Bedtime is 7pm and generally she’ll sleep through till 7 or 8am. I hope Arlo takes after his sister once he’s a bit older, on the sleeping front anyway! She’s a pretty good big sister on the whole (you can read about their sibling relationship here)

2015-12-03 15.37.29

A pro micro-scooterer, a fearless climbing frame climber and a intrepid explorer of puddles, holes and shrubbery. Buttons all have to be pushed, stones picked up and looked and the moon and stars are always pointed out to us. She hates having her photo taken, hence why she is appearing less on my instagram feed these days, as I don’t want to force her to pose when she doesn’t want to!

2016-01-14 13.06.41

Favourite TV programs are Something Special and Justin’s House (though she hasn’t yet worked out that Mr Tumble is Justin!) Bing, Charlie & Lola and Katie Morag. On very rare occasions I’ll let her watch Peppa sodding Pig, but this only tends to happen when Arlo is asleep on me on the sofa and I want to keep Athena close by, or on long train journeys as it keeps her happy!  She’s stopped kissing as many inanimate objects as she was previously inclined to do, but still kisses her brother a lot!

2016-01-11 18.09.22-2

She gets frustrated easily, and is determined to do things she wants to do but not often things we’ve instigated, like puzzles. She thinks everything is blue when you ask her what colour something is, and counts in fours and sixes only. I know lots of children are ahead of her in this respect but I know she’ll crack these skills at some point! She’s moved up to ‘pre school’ rather than nursery six months earlier than most children do at the nursery, and although she only goes once a week there was a noticeable difference in her language when she started so I’m sure she’ll get there with her counting and colours eventually! She sailed through the 2.4 year check a few months back, even managing to catch the ball every time the health visitor threw it at her, sheer fluke!

2016-01-01 11.55.42 2016-01-10 14.54.53 2016-01-11 17.46.30

Athena weighs 2.5 stone, and is still 91st percentile for height. She’s slimmed down but still has that gorgeous little toddler pot belly. She’s just outgrowing her 2-3 leggings, and some T shirts are becoming crop tops!

2 thoughts on “Athena at Two and a half

  1. I love that photo you took when we went out the other day – it actually made me laugh out loud! She’s is such a lovely little thing – cute, cheeky and determined. Love her! x

  2. She sounds a lot like Ellis in that she never sits still and is very determined. His speech isn’t as advanced as some of his peers but I know he will get there in the end and am happy with the progress he is making.

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