Athena & Arlo – May 2018

As thick as thieves these two! ‘Aunty Carla’ came to visit this week (she’s not an actual aunt, but an honorary one!) and asked Arlo who the best Mummy in the world was, and his answer? ‘Thena’!!! Well thanks kiddo! But it’s true, Athena does mother him quite a lot, and heeds his bidding a lot even though we tell her not to! She’s often finding him a specific book, drawing something he’s demanded or helping him put his socks on… it’s sweet but she can be a bit of a pushover! I did catch the following conversation though at the weekend

Arlo: Thena get that fluffy sock for me! [they were both on the top bunk, the sock was on the floor]

Athena: Well, Arlo I think sometimes you need to get your own sock


Athena: Arlo, it is your responsibility to do things you know, and sometimes you need to take your responsibilities seriously.

Arlo: oh. billies serious!

Where does she come up with stuff like this! Must be school!


I took these photos on a little after school trip on Tuesday to Highdown Gardens, where apart from having a fight over a water bottle they got on really well, looking for bugs, listening to birds and generally being quite sweet!

Athena-Arlo-May18 Athena-Arlo-May18

Another thing they like to ask is ‘who’s bench is it?’ as all the benches here had memorial plaques on and ‘dead people used to sit here you know Arlo’ (more wisdom from Athena!)


Plus one from a beach trip on Bank Holiday Monday because it’s cute!


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  1. My son loves to read the plaques on the benches too and ponder what sort of life they might have had. He also mimics my words to him with his little brother. So hilarious what they come out with sometimes

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