Date Night to see Hamilton the Musical!

Last Monday Sam and I spent our second ever night away from the kids together, we went to London to see Hamilton the Musical! It was something Sam had wanted to see for absolutely ages and we managed to get tickets right at the start of the year, and then a couple of weeks ago we realised that the date was for a Bank Holiday Monday and the trains were all messed up so to risk not being stranded somewhere we asked my mum to stay over and get the kids to school in the morning and booked ourselves a hotel! We had a leisurely dinner and cocktails sat outside on a sunny terrace before heading to the Theatre, looking pretty smart if I do say so myself!

JD Williams - Hamilton

When I first started going to the theatre it was always a dressy affair, something that both Sam and I learnt from our parents – to dress for the occaison! We were both really surprised that people were rocking up in shorts and hoodies though! We were seated in a box but the couple in the next box over looked like they’d just strolled out of ‘Spoons or somewhere that you wouldn’t dress up for, one was wearing a Tough Mudder T shirt!! Maybe I’m old fashioned, plus I don’t get many chances to dress up these days but I think people should make at least a little effort! Although I was wearing flip-flops… but I still think the overall look was smarter than 75% of the rest of the audience!

JD Williams - Hamilton JD Williams - Hamilton

I always think there is something magical about a ‘proper’ theatre, and this one was no exception! rows and rows of velvet seats, ornate mouldings, lights that make you dizzy when you think about changing the bulbs in them and so much more! We love to people watch so we got settled in our box with our G&T’s and did just that until the show started. I wasn’t sure exactly what the story was about past the basics, but in a way I am glad I didn’t do any research and it meant I had to fully immerse myself into the plot and the characters. It’s a sad and funny in equal measures but I’d recommend it to anyone!

JD Williams - Hamilton

I wore a gorgeous floaty wrap dress from JD Williams and a pair of soft gold leather Birkenstocks. So, not the most elegant of footwear but really comfortable for strolling around London and I had a fresh pedicure to go with them! They’re both from the wedding collection [click here┬áto to see more on the JD Williams site] which is full of inspiration for wedding or summer party guests! Sadly we’ve got no weddings to go to this year but I am definitely going to find more reasons to dress up! Especially if I keep going with my weight loss and getting fit, I might even step out of my comfort zone and try some different styles!

JD Williams - Hamilton

The dress has a dipped hem at the back, which is perfect for me as I’m pretty short and tend to trip up on full length maxi dresses, plus I quite like my ankles so a dress that shows them off but hides my knees and thighs is definitely a plus for me! The cap sleeves are another bonus, as so often maxi dresses are sleeveless but I feel more comfortable when my upper arms are covered! The material is soft and stretchy, the top is wrap style but the skirt is full, so no accidental leg or knicker showing in this! I think I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it this summer! I paired it with a cropped cardi and a little leather hand bag I already owned, and I tell you it was SO NICE to be able to go out with just one little bag and not the backpack I normally have to cart around when I’m with the kids!

JD Williams - Hamilton

Now anyone that knows me knows I am a big Birkenstocks fan, and have been since I decided to stop wearing cheap flip flops and find something that supported my feet (after years of wearing high heels or flat but pointy shoes at work my feet need some TLC) so as soon as I spotted these gorgeous gold numbers I knew I had to add them to my collection! They’re actually pair number five… told you I loved them! The leather is soft and buttery and flecked with gold, looking almost like wood grain! I’ve never seen this design before, but I think I’ll be retiring last years holographic pair in favour of these for sure!

It was so nice to escape being ‘Mummy and Daddy’ for a day, and be able to hold hands with each other instead of with sticky-fingered kids! We need to plan our next getaway now! Plus a big thanks to JD Williams for letting me pick an outfit to feel a bit more ‘me’ and a bit less frumpy in!

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