Athena & Arlo – October 2018

These two are definitely feeling the ‘it’s almost the end of half term but not quite’ exhaustion. I am too, even though I had a five days away last week! It always amazes me how much kids seem to change when you don’t see them for a few days. I only had one phone call with them when I was away, as they tend to get more miffed I’m not about if they can speak to me but i’m not around, plus having a phone conversation with either of them that goes beyond

“How are you?”


“What have you been doing?”


long pause, possibly because they’ve wandered off and done something else leaving me talking to nobody!

Anyway, when I got back they were eating dinner and Arlo jumped up to give me a huge squeeze ‘but not too hard because you will pop’ and their voices had changed, they had so much to tell me and they were both at least a foot taller! Well, at least a few cm’s!

Athena and Arlo October 18

These photos were taken a couple of nights ago when new PJs from Granny arrived! I try not to use indoor photos for my Siblings or Me and Mine projects but these were too cute not to use, even though I took lots more of them on our day out yesterday!

Athena and Arlo October 18 Athena and Arlo October 18

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – October 2018

  1. I never speak to my three on the phone when I’m away – though if I’m honest I don’t really speak to Dave when one of us is away either – we tend to just message each other.

  2. Aww how cute are these new pjs?? They grow so quickly at the moment don’t they? xx #SiblingsProject

  3. Love those photos! Same here: you can tell it’s almost the end of term. My four still have a week after this week and it’s going to be a loooong one! #siblingsproject

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