Interiors: 5 reasons to have a fireplace

Home is where you rest your head, it is where your children grow up and it is where you will spend most of your time trying to make improvements in order to help create a space you can be proud of. Some of us spend years and years renovating and extending properties in order to design out dream homes, whereas others wait and bide their time, saving their money until they find that perfect property they will call home for the rest of their life.

Whether you have a historical home or a conventional condo, a fireplace or an electric stove can really add a little something extra to the feel of a home. Plus with so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a stove designed to suit the look and style of your own home. Of course, it is important that you choose an Antique fireplace that goes well with the décor in the room and fits in with the theme for the rest of the property. If you’re fire place is sitting proudly in the centre of one wall then it’s important that the wall and skirting boards are in great order too, as the eye will naturally be drawn to them!

Take a look at 5 ways in which a fireplace or a stove can add a real homely touch to any property:

1. Adds Warmth and Colour to the Room
One of the main purposes of any fireplace, even a decorative fireplace, is to heat up a room. You can’t have a flame without heat, so a fireplace that doesn’t produce any heat is a pretty useless fireplace indeed. A stove, even a little stove, can add warmth and an extra aspect of colour to any room in the house, giving it a toasty and friendly glow. Perfect for cold evenings in or for social gatherings with friends!

2. Centrepiece for Sparse Rooms
If you have a pretty bare room that is desperately in need of cheering up, consider adding an electric stove into the mix. It will help to break up the monotony of sparse rooms, serving a dual purpose in addition to providing extra heating. If you have difficulty choosing a certain theme for a new office or snug, an antique fireplace may help to tie it all together. From darker colours to warmer, lighter colours, a fireplace or stove will also blend well with any kind of colour scheme if you get a bit of assistance from a professional interior designer.

3. Makes a Refreshing Alternative to a Television
It has often been said that kids these days spend far too much time wasting away in front of some kind of screen. Television screen, computer screen or a mobile device, the older generation just love to point fault at the younger generation’s obsession with technology. So why not do away with that technology altogether? By replacing your television screen with a swanky new fireplace, you can help to reclaim your living room as an actual living room, instead of a ‘screening room’. Having a fireplace e replace your television will encourage your family to engage with each other, where your living room can now be a point for discussion, fun, laughter and even relaxation without the need for screens!

4. Great for ‘Classing Up’ your Home Office or Study
Imagine this; a professional home office with antique wooden writing desk and a reclining chair, sitting to the side of a huge ornate bookshelf filled with books. A reading chair sits in the corner with a stool for resting your feet while you read. Soft lamplight illuminates the desk and reading chair. What is missing in this picture? Why a delicate fireplace of course! Whether you are thinking of a more modern study or a traditional office as described here, an electric stove or classical log fireplace adds an extra layer of class to any working space. Simply browse through the range of styles and colours and see what best fits your office environment.

5. Cutting Energy Costs!
One last benefit of having a fireplace in any room in your home is that it provides an alternative heat source, using reasonably sourced or own sourced timber in order to heat the room and the house. This, in turn, can help to reduce your energy bills and also reduce your own carbon footprint in the larger scheme of things. If you’re looking at becoming more independent and more environmentally friendly, or if you’re just looking at helping to reduce the cost of your bills, this is an ideal solution for you.



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