Athena & Arlo October 19

I think we’re getting into a routine at last  now we’re almost at half term! Arlo pretends he doesn’t like school because it is “So borin’ and we do nothing” but he is normally happy to just head into the classroom. He’s also excited to tell me the  letters he’s learnt and the numbers  they’re working on each day. I wish he’d just give up the charade and we can have a smoother morning! Athena so far is enjoying year 2, and loving having her brother at the same school so she can look out for him. Every morning before she heads into her class  she gives him a big hug and they have a kiss too – it’s super cute and I hope they don’t grow out of it anytime soon!

Slindon Pumpkins

I took these at the weekend when we went to choose our pumpkins at Slindon Pumpkins – a Sussex tradition if you’re local! A proper pumpkin patch has opened a lot closer to us last year and this but it seems right for us to go to Slindon because I used to go there when I was small!  Plus they do an awesome display of pumpkins too…

Slindon Pumpkins 2019

Last night the kids were playing a game together  in the hallway with magnets and things, making patterns and shapes. Arlo suddenly piped up with “Athena I love you. So much” and she replied “I love you more Arlo”. It was SO freaking cute! Of course they still argue and bicker but a lot less than they used to!  Long may it continue…

Athena and Arlo in October 19

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