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CAT Vehicle toy review

Arlo loves trucks, diggers and tractors  as do so many little kids. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we used to have to stop and watch every digger or dumper truck we saw when we were out and about, no matter if it was raining or super cold!  This week, to coincide with some really wet weather  we opened a box of super bright CAT Vehicles toys from Funrise, and he was over the moon! In fact his sister got involved too, despite normally being a typically ‘girly girl’ and preferring dolls and  cuddly toys.

CAT Vehicle toy review

Inside were three of the new range of familiarly bright yellow vehicles, all proudly displaying the CAT logo! The toy  Arlo has been playing with the most is the   Cat® Junior Crew Build your own vehicle sets, which are great value at £12.99.  Inside the box are the components to make  a construction vehicle, along with the screwdriver they need to do it! It’s all child friendly and not that hard – though there is some problem solving involved as Arlo found out when he put the cabin on the wrong way round. He’s now built and dismantled it more times that he’s had hot dinners this month I think – it’s definitely not something he will get bored of soon!

CAT Vehicle toy review

The great thing is that once made it can be played with as the wheels turn and the arm raises and lowers, plus there is a little work-man figure too.  You can mix and match the components from different sets so we’ve added another couple to Arlo’s   Christmas wishlist so he can make so hybrid vehicles!  I should say too that Athena has been really up for playing with this one too, when she can get her hands  on it!

CAT Vehicle toy review

The Cat® Sand Set-Dump Truck Vehicle has been a great help when it comes to  getting Arlo to help tidy up  – he has scooped up toy cars,  cuddly toys and even his discarded socks with the  hand tools, dumped them in the back of the dump-truck and then ‘driven’ them off wherever they should be! All whilst wearing his  hard hat!   This would be the perfect toy for use with a sandpit or at the beach too – it’s really rugged and hard wearing!  There are also some battery operated Cat® Power Haulers  available in the new range. You can push the vehicle to make engine rev sounds and see the warning lights, then you her different noises when you make the vehicle reverse and so on – plus the noises aren’t too obnoxiously loud!

CAT Vehicle toy review

These are great toys with lots of different ways to play with them together or separately. You can see the whole range of CAT Vehicles on amazon,  and can find a selection on John Lewis, Debenhams and Ocado too. 


2 thoughts on “Toys: CAT Construction Vehicles

  1. My 12 month old has just started saying the word car and seems to recognise it so don’t think it’s too long till he starts developing an interest in vehicles. I think car toys are such a great open-ended toy for imaginative play.

  2. These toys look amazing. I think I’ll give them a go and see what my kids say. I can see these being very collectible. My boys love anything wheel related.

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