Athena & Arlo – October 2016


Well this months siblings post has come around super fast, September having one less day than most months apparently makes all the difference! In terms of the relationship between the big A and little A this month I would have to say that they are getting on a lot better! Thank heavens.
Now that Athena spends three days a week at preschool she says she misses Arlo, and if he’s not with me when I pick her up she asks where he is. When she got to the childminders last Tuesday to pick him up as soon as Ali the childminder opened the door Arlo came hurtling towards her, they hugged and she told him she had missed him and that she loves him! Ali and I were both ‘ahhhhhhhh’ing at them!
I feel more confident leaving them alone together playing in the living room whilst I make dinner or put washing away now, yes they still tear the place apart and it looks like world war three has happened when I return and one or both of them is stood on the table or the windowsill… but I rarely hear the pained screams of someone who is being sat on, or had something pinched off them against their will. Hey, it only took 18 months!
There are no nice pretty posed photos from this last month because we really have been doing a lot of hibernating whilst we got used to the new childcare routines and I’ve been working a lot too so we’ve not had many nice family days out… maybe next month!
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5 thoughts on “Athena & Arlo – October 2016

  1. Sometimes life gets busy and there isn’t time for anything but hibernating and letting the kiddos tear the house apart nothing wrong with that darling. Lovely memories documented here anyways. #siblingsproject

  2. Aww, they are so cute – they look so alike now too. I know what you mean about leaving them alone together – Toby and Gabe can manage the odd five minutes without anyone suffering too serious an injury these days!

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