Athena is the girl who…



Athena is two today! She is the girl who…

  • Likes to brush her teeth (aka suck toothpaste off the brush) and wash her hands about 6 times a day
  • Loves to nap for around two hours a day (hallelujah)
  • Isn’t great at sharing, one for you, three for her!
  • Doesn’t like vegetables (surprise surprise)
  • Asks to be strapped into high chairs if we forget! (Often she un-clips herself shortly after though!)
  • Weighs almost 14Kg
  • Likes to run her hands over cars wheel arches, and to pick up clumps of mud
  • Loves Owls
  • Never turns down a ‘yokyok’ (yoghurt) or a ‘Bicbic’ (biscuit)
  • Can run like the wind, especially if it is toward danger!
  • Wakes up from her naps all sleepy and hot and sticky
  • Has realised she can let herself out of her bedroom (& into ours!)
  • Can tilt the bowl to spoon all of the milk out, no matter how long it takes
  • Is starting slowly to string words together
  • Has hair that never does what its told!
  • Soaks the whole bathroom every time she has a bathIMG_1391
  • Likes to get right up in the camera lens!
  • Makes a fuss when I put her in the but loves it once she’s there
  • Loves to throw things around whether she should or not!
  • Loves ‘Ocklat’ (chocolate) and Macaroni Cheese
  • Will kiss her brother unprompted
  • Is obsessed with Owls
  • Likes to walk but will suddenly get tired and demand ‘UP’
  • Goes to bed or for a nap with no argument 99% of the time
  • Has been sleeping in her cotbed with the side off for two months
  • Is pretty fearless, climbs up slides and runs into the path of the zip-wire at the park
  • Likes to put on her own shoes (then often takes them off before we’e left the house!)
  • Still sucks her thumb when she’s tired
  • Is obsessed with bubbles!
  • Asks me to paint her toenails, spends an hour walking around looking at her feet then has a hissy fit till I remove the varnish!
  • Is one of the two best things I’ve ever made!


On the day she was born and her first birthday. The collage at the top of the post is monthly from one to two!

8 thoughts on “Athena is the girl who…

  1. Awww this is adorable! Hope she had an amazing birthday!
    She sounds like a girl after my own heart with her love of owls! Such a little beauty 🙂
    And omg can she have a word with Tyne?! He hasn’t napped since he was 1! Little horror bag!!! xxx

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