Everyday Us: Rhyme Time Mischief

A couple of weeks ago I headed to the Library with Athena for toddler rhyme time. Obviously Arlo was with us but was happily snoozing in the sling. For the uninitiated Rhyme Time is a few nursery rhymes with actions and a story, led by an overly enthusiastic library worker (well, four at our local library for some reason) along with props and actions.

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Athena lasted two songs, well, a song and a half really before she decided she’d had enough of sitting in the circle with the rest of the children and went for a walk. First off I went and retrieved her from the non fiction section (cookery) and encouraged her back to the Elmer the elephant rug where all the other kids were doing ‘floppy ears and curly whiskers’.

I clambered back to my mummy-seat in the outer circle and off she went, but this time behind me into the children’s book area. How much harm can she do there I thought, she’ll just sit on the foam chairs or stick her face against the windows and gawp outside. Which she did, for about 5 minutes, long enough for me to relax and take my eye off the ball.

Half way through the story, with most of the other kids sat listening intently I hear a swish and a thunk, followed by another one. I look round to see Athena aiming her arm at the end of a shelf to sweep all the books off, to join the books from the first two shelves on the floor.

The best bit? The huge grin on her face!

I yoinked her back to the Elmer rug (after we put the books back, and no not alphabetically!) for Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, and miraculously she actually did lay down to pretend to be asleep!

That didn’t last long though because we headed to a cafe with a friend after that and she hurtled all around there like a mad thing! No rest for the wicked, but at least she napped when we got home!

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4 thoughts on “Everyday Us: Rhyme Time Mischief

  1. Aw I used to go to Rhyme Time a lot with my girls, they used to love it. And that is so funny, it sounds exactly like something my youngest would do. She is the cheekiest one! x

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