Kids Interiors: Blue Brontide tableware

kids tableware

I don’t know about any other mamas who are up in the night feeding hungry babes but I spend a lot of it scrolling through instagram. It’s become a really inspirational place recently, not just for people but for clothing, jewellery and decor items too. Blue Brontide is a relatively new account, and has a shop selling eco-friendly and organic items perfect for little people and their mamas who want to inject a little style into their lives! 

Selling tableware, nursery decor and jewellery amongst other items, everything has been hand picked to be featured in a small but eclectic selection of lovely, lovely things!

kids tableware

Athena was a lucky girl indeed as she was sent a gorgeous rabbit plate with a matching fork and spoon and a stylish but very practical cloud place mat too. She tends to sit at her own little table for meals now, so a silicone placemat is perfect for keeping things steady when she’s incessantly getting up and down, to dance to theme tunes on TV, to get a toy she MUST have, to play with her brother! It also means when he pulls himself up at the table to grab for things he’s less likely to get them! Its BPA free, and best of all can go in the dishwasher if it gets grubby!

kids tableware

As it is a wooden plate you’d not want to put anything ‘messy’ on it such as bakes beans in case it stains, but we generally have a ‘picky’ lunch and for those it is perfect as the ears and face create three separate sections. Blue Brontide stock a selection of these wooden childrens tableware; rabbits with different expressions, cars, elephants and more! Along with the plate is a lovely lightweight spoon and fork set, and they’ve definitely helped Athena to be a little more interested in what’s on her plate recently!

Also stocked is a gorgeous selection of nursery decor, like the embroidery hoop above. I think it would look lovely in any nursery! Definitely a site to bookmark for new baby and first birthday presents I think! Check them out on Instagram too, their photos are fantastic!

Thank you to Blue Brontide for sending Athena her very own dining set!

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  1. The set Athena has looks really lovely. I’m putting together another Children’s tableware wishlist (have just published a monochrome list) so will definitely be adding the ones I’ve spotted on the Blue Brontide website. Lovely. I think I’d like one for myself too.


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