Athena’s new obsession


If you’ve read my blog over the last month or so you’ll know that Sam my husband took up a new hobby at the same time as Arlo arrived. I think he thought two weeks off work for paternity leave gave him ample free time to get used to his new hobby! He is now a fairly competent Long boarder, and annoyingly (for me) but happily (for him!) Athena seems to be pretty enamoured with the new sport too!


We’re lucky that we live on the coast so there are miles of seafront walkways that are wide enough to not run pedestrians over, or even better they have cycle paths! Athena gets pretty irritated when Sam hurtles off on his own, as her favourite thing ever is to stand on the board and let him push it and I admit she actually has a pretty good sense of balance! We’re heading off on a family Snowboarding holiday in January, and she has a lesson booked when we’re away so Sam wants her to have as much practise on a similar thing as possible! Seeing as we’ve no snow here on the South Coast skating is as close as it gets!

As her 2nd birthday creeps up on us in a few weeks we’re thinking about getting her a micro scooter to help with her balance even more, and give her her own set of wheels so she can attempt to keep up with Sam on the seafront! Sam’s suggested I should get an adult scooter and join in the fun, but my excuse is that someone has to hold the baby!

So, watch this space and I’ll keep you posted with how my little adrenalin junky gets on… better get her some elbow pads and a helmet really!

Collaborative post, all words my own.


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