Swimming lessons at 6 weeks? Why not!

Is 6 weeks to young to start to learn to swim? Not according to Water Babies, their youngest ever student was just a day old!


Arlo and I will be heading to a local pool in a couple of weeks for his first ever swimming lesson, the first of a ten lesson course. I’m was little apprehensive about it at first, I took Athena swimming when she was around 9 weeks old and although she seemed to enjoy it it was more about splashing around and getting her used to water, rather than actually learning to do anything! A 6 week old is also slightly more wriggly than a 9 week old and when you add water to the equation, even more so! But I’ve read through all the FAQs on the website and a lovely welcome pack arrived in the post telling me exactly what would happen, where to be and what to bring so I am feeling a bit more relaxed about it all now!

I’m also worried about squeezing myself into a swimming costume but that’s another matter entirely, and I’m sure there will be other mums there who are feeling body conscious too! Plus it’s not about me, it’s about giving Arlo an amazing new experience and some watery skills! Eventually we’ll get  him something to splash around in at home, and this guide to paddling pools is pretty helpful in  our decision making process!

There are lots of benefits to teaching babies to swim early, it helps give them confidence, promotes bonding with their carer, stimulates all their senses and develops their learning skills too! Read the full list here on the Water Babies site.


I’ve bought him his first ever pair of teeny tiny swimming trunks, and Konfidence very kindly sent him a BabyWarma to keep him toasty during his lessons! I’ve stocked up on swim nappies for underneath his outer nappy and suit to make sure there are no nasty leaks, and he has a snuggly new towel to be wrapped up in too!

I’ll report back after the first lesson soon! Wish us luck!

We have received a course of lessons from Water Babies in exchange for my honest opinion.

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