Baby Loves: SnuzPod cosleeper

Snuzpod Bedside cosleeper
Meet the SnuzPod. It’s a bedside crib that has three functions; Co sleeper attached to the parents bed, a stand alone crib, and as a bassinet that can be moved from room to room as required.

We currently use it as a co sleeper, the level of the cot mattress is level with our own, and the side is drawn down for easy access. The Snuzpod was a godsend in those early weeks after a C-section as I didn’t have to lift him in and out of something with sides and I wish I had known about them when I was recovering from my first C section! As the crib has an open side I can just slide Arlo in and out gently without having to get up properly. It meant that establishing breastfeeding and feeding on demand went really smoothly! He wakes, I grab him, pop a boob in his mouth, he feeds and we both go back to sleep.

Snuzpod Bedside cosleeper

The solid wooden frame can be easily adjusted so that the crib sits at the right height and is attached to the bed with straps (to fit a slatted or divan bed base). One side is mesh, for easy viewing (am I the only one that watches my baby sleep when I should be sleeping myself?) and obviously helps airflow too.

Snuzpod Bedside cosleeper

Now Arlo is three months old he’s sleeping for a much longer stretch for the first part of his overnight sleep, so when I hear him stir I come through to bed myself and give him his feed and then pop him back in, all without having to swing my feet out of the bed, or even put much effort into it! The Snuzpod is the perfect option for those who don’t want to bedshare, although we did with Athena quite a lot and do now with Arlo too during his fussiest times. For us it means that I can pop him in there and know he is safe from Athena, or from rolling off our bed if I were to leave him alone there. When I’m not in the room now I zip the side up so he can’t wriggle anywhere he should be, as I’m sure he’ll be rolling soon enough and there will be no stopping him!

Snuzpod Bedside cosleeper

Lasting till around six months the SnuzPod is bigger than a moses basket, and as it lifts off the stand you could always pop baby in it to sleep inside the big cot for a few nights to help him get used to the transition to a new space when the time comes! We really need to think about getting Athena a bigger bed so we can pop the side back on her cot to use for Arlo in a few months when he inevitably outgrows the Snuzpod!

The other thing I love with the SnuzPod is the storage underneath, we keep spare nappies, blankets sleepsuits there (As well as the odd packet of biscuits for midnight feeding munchies! I also love the mattress, it’s completely chemical free and is made from coconut coir and natural fleece wool for a breathable and safe nights sleep.

You can view the range of colours here on the Little Green Sheep website along with an FAQ and a video. If we ever have a third baby then the Dove Grey is on my list! I wish they did a plus size one so I could have Arlo with us for a whole year! But sadly if he’s anything like Athena he’ll suddenly want to sleep all on his own without us!

Chelle kindly lent us the SnuzPod when her little one outgrew it and Little Green Sheep supplied us with a new mattress, so thank you to both of them!

11 thoughts on “Baby Loves: SnuzPod cosleeper

  1. Ah it looks great – really idea for tiny ones. We had a BedNest which my youngest which is similar. I preferred it to the Moses Basket I used with my eldest.

  2. It’s gorgeous! As is your little dude! Such beautiful pictures 🙂 Co sleeping was never for me but I would have loved to have something like this to make those night time feeds easier! (Especially immediately post C section)
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Thanks so much for this review, I have been back and forth about which crib to get and I’ve been wondering between this and the Chicco Next2Me one. I think I’m leaning towards this. Must make a decision soon 🙂

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