How to: Baby Massage with Little Butterfly Organic


Why massage your baby?

It promotes good circulation, can help with wind any belly problems, soothes and relaxed and produces happy hormones! Most importantly it’s a lovely excuse for some proper one to one time with you and your baby! It’s a great way for you both to unwind and as great to use as part of a bedtime routine.

What you’ll need:

  • A naked baby!
  • Quiet time (preferably not with a toddler or other kids running around)
  • Soothing music (for us it’s normally just radio 3)
  • A couple of fluffy towels
  • Massage oil suitable for babyIMG_3699

How to massage your baby:

Start with him on his front with no nappy on top of a fluffy towel. It’s easiest to do this with you both on the floor so no risk of baby falling.

Rub a few drops of oil into your hands to warm it (and them!) you don’t want super slippery hands but enough to run them smoothly over his skin. Start at the head and gently in long smooth movements stroke down onto his back and across his shoulders in outward movements

Then stroke down his back on either side (try not to put any pressure directly on the spine) then continue down each leg using firm strokes.


Roll baby onto his back (if your baby is a boy you may want to cover his lower half with a towel to avoid getting an unwanted shower) and then gently stroke his arms and chest, again using outward strokes.

You can gently rub his belly, using clockwise movements and gentle pressure on his sides. Try ‘bicycling’ his legs and gently pressing them up and into his belly, but be warned the odd botty-burp might escape (or worse!)


Take your cues from your baby, if he really enjoys something then keep on doing it! Sometimes a massage with Arlo will last fifteen minutes but other days he’s grumpy and wants milk so we only manage five. I tend to give him a massage after we’ve bathed together so he’s normally had a feed in the bath so is a little more content too.

We’ve been using the Little Butterfly London range recently, a nice bath and wash with the top to toe wash and bedtime bath milk, followed by a massage with ‘Mother and Baby massage oil’. Not only is the whole range organic, suitable for newborn skin and highly sensitive/reactive skin it also looks pretty gorgeous sat in your bathroom! The bottles have pastel wooden lids and the packing is super sweet too. Perfect as a new baby gift or for a baby shower!

I wish I could make my blog scratch and sniff but alas I can’t, you’ll have to take my word for it that Arlo smells good enough to eat. The massage oil is infused with mandarin, rosehip, calendula and more. Once I’ve massaged him (and Athena if she’ll sit still long enough!) I rub it into my cuticles and elbows and behind my ears… all notoriously dry patches!  A little goes a long way too so a bottle should last you quite a while!


You can buy direct from the website, including some lovely pre packaged gift sets,as well as Not on the High street. They’re also on facebook and twitter if you want to keep up to date with news and special offers.

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