I think our car attracts rubbish. Well actually I just have a husband who flings things into the footwells and leaves diet coke bottle lids all over the place. Last week Athena found a random one on a pavement and picked it up and shouted ‘Daddy!!!’ waving it around. So not only is the car full of bottle lids, and random post it notes from work, it’s also full of empty wrappers that once contained mini cheddars, those fruit spiral things and juice cartons from Athena. Thankfully Arlo is too small to add to the mess just yet but it’s only a matter of time! Step up the TidyFreaks to solve the problem!


We have a new passenger in the car these days whose sole aim is to help with the rubbish, and he is called Gimi. He is strapped to the headrest that Athena faces and scoffs all the litter you can fit in him! She thinks it’s a game, but actually he’s pretty useful! He looks like a soft toy, but his mouth opens really wide and inside is a big pouch lined with wipe clean material. Once his belly is full you can just tip the rubbish out into a bin, wipe clean if needed (we keep a packet of baby wipes in the car anyway!) and start again! You can fit a deceptively large amount in too, check out the video…

He will attach to any headrest with a velcro strap, and he has two buddies that you could collect too, if you wanted one for another child (or your husband!) Available on their own site and also on Amazon too! Now I just need to see how many bottle lids we can fit in him before so I can prove to Sam that he has an addiction to diet coke…


We were provided with a Tidy Freak for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions my own.

2 thoughts on “Tidy Freaks!

  1. My main issue with this is that I can imagine it getting a bit icky if you put sticky, messy things in it. If you can’t put them in it then it’s a bit useless and I would hate for the kids to think it was a toy and to try and play with it – full of rubbish! Meh. Not for me x

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