Baby Photo Collage: Preserve Sweet Memories in Style

How many pictures of your little one do you have? Is it a few dozen? A few hundred? Over a thousand? No wonder! It is crucial to take as many pictures of your kids as you can because they grow so fast. But here’s a question – what should you do with all those heaps and gigabytes of images? Should you just leave them on your hard drive and only go back to them when you feel especially nostalgic?

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

Well, there is a better way to make use of your baby photos – turn them into a collage. That’s right. Collage making is back and as strong as ever. Thanks to the advance of the digital arts, you no longer need to measure, cut, and glue images onto some piece of paper to a lacklustre result. You can now create digital collage masterpieces using your artistic vision and your pictures. And dare we say it – baby picture collages turn out to be the cutest. 

Have you never tried making a baby photo collage and don’t even know what one might look like? Well, we are here to help you with a few ideas and a short how-to guide. Let’s take a gander. 

We’ll start with a few concepts that you might want to use for your baby photo collage. 

Different Occupations Collage

Love dressing your baby in uniforms? Then create a series of pictures where your little one would pose as a chef, a firefighter, a fisherman, or just about anyone that pops into your head. Dress your little one appropriately, lay them on the floor and surround them with all the things related to the profession. Then, combine all these baby photos into one collage to show the many unexpected sides of your baby. 

Chalkboard Collage

Granted, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it never hurts to combine the two. Take a little chalkboard, set it next to your baby and take a picture every month. Make sure to write down all the important milestones of your baby on the chalkboard. This way you’ll have not only just a memory of what your baby looked like at a certain age, but you will also remember what they were going through at that time. 

Scale Collage

You do know that your baby grows fast, but do you want to know how fast? Then take a picture of your baby every month next to the same object. It could be a stuffed animal, for instance. Once you have at least 12 pictures, turn them into a sweet collage that will show you the flight of time. 

Doodles Collage

Want a more minimalistic baby collage? This is how you do it. Take pictures of your child against a white background – as many as you want. Then, spend some time doodling right on these pictures. Use only one colour and clear lines to doodle some activity. Make your baby ride a bike, cook pasta, build a house or anything that your imagination suggests. A collage with this kind of pictures will be an interesting thing to look at.

Of course, these are not the only routes you can take when creating a baby photo collage. There are countless other ideas that won’t fit into this article. In case you want to do something utterly unique, search your own imagination for ideas. And in the meantime, let’s have a look at what you need to design a photo collage with your little one’s pictures. 

First off, you need a layout. The layout determines the way your pictures will be placed on the digital canvas. You can create a layout yourself, or use any predetermined options or templates that the software of your choice suggests. Next, you need to fill the layout with the images. Go with the best looking ones – after all, this collage is a thing for the ages and it has no place for mediocre shots. 

Decorate your photos the way you like. You can merely add a frame or a mask to them or sprinkle the whole collage with cliparts – it all depends on the overall concept you are using. Make sure to match the decorations and the background of your collage. 

The final step is to print your project, frame it and hang it on the wall. A baby collage will easily become a centrepiece in any living room. It will be a marvellous piece of home décor that would remind you of the good old days. 

In case you need a little more insight into creating a collage with your little one’s pictures or you need a proper tool that will help you with it, make sure to find out more about the process and get acquainted with a user-friendly baby photo collage maker