Baby update at 9 months



At 9 months Athena is:

  • Crawling at speed all over the house.
  • doing the ‘downward dog’ which is hilarious to watch
  • pulling herself up to standing
  • taking very tentative steps whilst holding on to things then getting annoyed that she doesn’t know how to get back to where she started.
  • sleeping for 11-13 hours a night in one go more often than not
  • sleeping with her arse in the air
  • interested in anything electrical: plug sockets, phone chargers and her fav, the TV remotes.
  • the proud owner of her 2 top teeth to match the bottom two.
  • napping 2 times a day for various lengths and at various times, no continuity with this kid!
  • breastfeeding 3/4 times a day which is a drastic reduction from the 6/7 it was last month.
  • eating 3 meals a day and some days snacks on top of that (if we’re out and she is whingey a rusk will keep her quiet for at least 25 minutes)
  • firmly in 9-12 month clothes (for probably not much longer!)
  • enjoying different types of toys
  • getting cheeky, she knows what results in a reaction from us now!
  • getting even more vocal, lots of new sounds and unintelligible words
  • can clap and high 5 on demand (mostly to daddy, clearly he’s her fav)
  • slowly learning that hair pulling is not okay
  • giggling like it’s going out of fashion
  • still happy interacting with strangers/other kids (and less hair pulling, slightly!) 

20140301_181010 20140302_095314

So, 9 months inside, 9 months out. It’s been a crazy fast 18 months in total. I still look 4 or 5 months pregnant and should really do something about my wobbly middle instead of just wearing loose clothes although part of me thinks if I am going to have another baby then what’s the point? However I need my periods to return before that happens, plus realistically I know I should attempt to be in better shape when I get pregnant again (and step away from the cakes and biscuits this time round!)

IMG_3237 IMG_3241

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