My current skincare routine

Since turning 30 in January I’ve decided to take better care of my skin and actually stick to a skin care routine for longer than 3 days. I’d previously been suffering from dry nose and forehead and had a few breakouts on my chin, so decided to start a new regime that I will actually stick to!

Cleanse & Tone: I take my makeup off with a makeup wipe (whatever was on 3 for 2 normally, sometimes ever a baby wipe) and then use the Amie Radiant Dawn exfoliating facial wash to remove the rest of the grime. My mum gave this to me just before Christmas and I love it, it’s gentle even though its exfoliating and has a nice fresh scent too, I prefer it to the Superdrug facial wash I was using before (review here). Then I use either the Nivea toner or the Body Shop tea tree toner depending on how blemishy I am, but try and use the tea tree one 2 or 3 times a week max as it’s strong (and needs a good shake to get the stuff off the bottom to mix)
Serums & Moisturisers: 2 or 3 drops of the Bodyshop Vitamin E overnight serum in oil (review here) and then a generous slather of the Clarins Multi Active Night cream (Youth recovery, bold statement!) on top to seal it in. I was dubious about this but after a nice chat with a Clarins counter lady she said it would help keep the good stuff in and get some much needed moisture back in my skin. I was also dubious about the price but I had a Debenhams voucher to put towards it from my MIL so it wasn’t too bad. It’s a thick consistency and a little goes a long way.
I take care not to get the oil/moisturiser round my delicate eye area, and apply the Healgel Eye around it instead, and my eye bags seem less obvious and the skin definitely looks brighter. This comes with good recommendations but it does actually make a difference, and feels nice and cooling as well so is nice to put on to tired eyes pre bed. I was sent this to review to see if it helped my under eye bags, and I can confidently say it does! I also like the pump bottle, so you don’t have to dig your fingers into a tub and there is no wastage.

So after 3 weeks of this new regime I’m seeing no flaky patches on my forehead or round my nose which makes foundation application a lot easier. I also have significantly less blemishes round my chin (I have PCOS so will always get them to some degree, annoyingly) although I am now on the hunt for a blackhead clearing mask that actually works, if you know of one do share! But sad to say, I think I am firmly in the ‘anti aging’ category now..

Talking of age if you fancy a giggle (or a groan, results dependent) you can upload a photo of yourself to Guess my age and see how old people think you are (Kind of like ‘hot or not’, remember that? I was a moderator for that site…) and i’m pleased that people put at me under 25! If I uploaded a photo of me first thing in the morning I think it would be a different matter…

5 thoughts on “My current skincare routine

  1. Really keen to try the Body Shop Serum, I’ve read loads of great reviews.
    Just uploaded my photo to that site, I was told I could pass for 22 today! We shall see….!

  2. This is the second good review i’ve read of the eye gel, I think I need it! I use the same tea tree toner, best stuff ever!

  3. I’ve not tried the Serum from the Body Shop yet, but I think I need to pick it up soon, this is the 3rd post i’ve seen raving about it recently! I think the fact it doesn’t leave you greasy is pretty amazing!
    I also like the sound of the clarins cream but it’s so expensive 🙁

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