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June ‘12 vs June’13

I hardly weighed myself when I was pregnant, so when a couple of days before I was due to give birth I had to be weighed and my BMI noted to be given to the anaesthesiologist, I asked what I weighed. It was near on 4 stone heavier than I had been when I got pregnant. Seeing as by that point my whole legs were swollen and retaining water the nurse reassured me that lots of the weight would be that, and of course some was the baby/amniotic fluid. However most of it was cake and biscuits. I ate a lot of biscuits, sometimes a whole pack in one sitting. To be honest I don’t really mind what I weigh, but I do mind how I look. Now we’ve moved I really have no excuse to eat well, the kitchen is unpacked so no more takeaways and eating out for no reason for me! I have been trying desperately to get 2 litres of water down me a day, and am trying for my 5-a-day too! Needless to say biscuits are not on the shopping list and the only cakes I’ve been eating recently are ones I’ve made, so I know what went in them sugar wise! A mixed fruit and cinnamon muffin was my latest batch. As you can see in the pictures above I look a bit different from this time last year, and although I am happy with not being that slim again, I’d like to have a more svelte figure with less lumps and bumps. My boobs have grown two cup sizes though, so they can stay!

I was sent a box of healthy snacks to try out to help me on my quest, they’re perfect as little treats or tummy fillers. I’ve been taking one out with me when I go for walks with the baby, and tucking into them instead of 4 or 5 blimming chocolate digestives with my cup of tea! I was sent the celebration box (pictured) which includes bars and flavoured raisins, and  are 100% natural, no added sugar or syrups. Most are 1 of your 5-a-day too, plus have no wheat, dairy or gluten, so perfect if you have to cut these from your diet.


My favourite of the bars are the cashew cookie and the apple pie bars, and I have it on good authority from the husband that the banana bread bars are scrummy, but I donated them to him on account of my immense dislike of ‘nanas! The flavoured raisins I thought was a bit of an odd idea, but surprisingly they actually taste fine! the cherry ones remind me of cherry-drop sweets, but of course are naturally flavoured, no artificial nasties! You can view the selection of mixed boxes here, plus their website has a great guide to gluten free eating out, plus some recipes and other health advice too.

So in addition to eating more healthily I am attempting to walk at least 3 miles a day, I know it isn’t a huge amount but every little helps, and in a couple more weeks I think my post C-section tummy muscles will be able to cope with some more strenuous exercise and I’ll start doing some yoga and maybe something like an easy version of the 30-day shred! I went for a long walk along Brighton seafront with the baby and a friend the other night, and he kept poking me in the sides to make sure I was holding my belly in whilst I was walking! He was the one I used to go to the gym with 5 times a week before I got pregnant (well, before I stopped going to save for the wedding really!) so he’s a good person to be with as he has no qualms in shouting ‘hold it in, posture posture!! at me!) whereas everyone else says ‘oh it’ll go away eventually, don’t worry!’ apart from my mother but we won’t go there!

What’s your favourite healthy snack?

5 thoughts on “Back on the healthy bandwagon!

  1. Have u tried the choc orange one? I tried this flavour and have to admit I wasn’t keen! Il have to try the cherry and apple pie ones! X


  2. Oooh these sound lovely! Everyone needs a friend who tells it like it is 🙂
    Glad to hear you’re doing it healthily, your health is always more important than how you look (and you still look gorgeous!)

    Jess xo

  3. Mmmm Nakd Bars! They are so tasty. I love the chocolate ones for crushing a sweet tooth. If you have a food processor, making your own is so easy. Harry and I are going to pop up a recipe on Being Pretty Strong soon 🙂 You’ll get there with making small changes. I think the whole at least 9 months to gain it, at least 9 months to lose it thing seems pretty reasonable in my mind!

    Chambray & Curls

  4. Oh this is odd, I had a Nakd apple pie bar for the first time today! It was really scrummy and only about 98 calories which is great! Enjoy your box of treats, and I think you look fantastic either way but I’m sure it’ll all come off with that walking and making the right food choices 🙂 I’m on a bit of a heath kick too so feel free to share more healthy tips & advice!

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

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