No 7 Gel Cleanser vs Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser


I bought the No7 Melting Gel Cleanser(£9.00) or £4 with a voucher)  with a £5 off boots voucher, as I was running out of my Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser (£5.99 but half price at the moment) so thought I’d compare the two, although they are slightly different products they claim to do more or less the same thing.

I prefer the smell of the No7 cleanser (more perfumed and artificial, but I like it!) but I always feel fresher after using the muslin cloth that comes with the Superdrug version, but I think this is all in the mind! My face feels the same to the touch after both, but stays feeling softer for slightly longer after the hot cloth cleanser.

However the No7 cleanser is better at removing eye makeup (yes, I’m on of those people that doesn’t often bother taking her makeup off before getting in the bath. Sometimes I even just scrub at my eyes with a face wipe and hope for the best! Anyway, the hot cloth cleanser leaves me with panda eyes and the need to wash the mascara off the cloth and and the no7 removed pretty much all of my mascara gone and no panda eyes!

Verdict: I slightly prefer the no7, but I’m going to use a muslin cloth to cleanse with so my face feels even cleaner. I don’t dislike the Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser at all, but then No7 removes makeup too, so one less step for lazy old me!

What do you use to cleanse your face with, I’m always on the lookout for new things to try!

2 thoughts on “No 7 Gel Cleanser vs Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser

  1. I’ve not used either of these, but I tried the superdrug hot cloth cleanser and wasn’t impressed at all. I’m using NSpa hot cloth cleanser just now, which I quite like. It’s good for removing makeup, but I always do that with my L’oreal cleansing water first anyway. And I hate muslin cloths!! They are just too thin – face cloths all the way! 😉 xo

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