Clearly I am not heading back to school, but getting a new rucksack has made me feel a bit like I used to at the end of the summer term. I had 6 weeks ahead of me stretching out… yet I used to get a new bag, shoes, pencil case and stationery in the first week of the holidays! Of course, I always used to leave my homework till the last week… Anyway I have a new rucksack! I’d been thinking about getting one for a while now that I am using the mei tai carrier for Athena a bit more, it means if I have her on my front I can just fling this on my back and go!

IMG_8201 IMG_8430

The Mi-Pac Rucksack and new my new Vans are from, who sell allsorts of skater/riding gear, from skateboards to ice skates and everything in between! The Rucksack is big enough to get my laptop in and has a little waterproof hole to poke headphones through too. There’s a front pocket as well as a couple inside, and the base is padded to protect your valuable cargo (or beach towels and swimming costume, as was the case on Thursday!) I love the mint green colour and Nordic pattern, in fact the only thing I’d change is a little more padding on the straps!


Now Vans probably don’t need much introduction to most people, they’re so comfortable and from memory don’t get that annoying squeak that converse do when they reach around a year old! I went for black so they go with anything, they’re not so trainer-looking that I felt like Lily Allen circa 2007 wearing them with a dress either!

Both items sent for review purposes, all opinions and words my own.

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Getting a new bag and stationery was my favourite thing about school 🙂 I really like this rucksack – I’ve been eyeing up a few myself recently but in reality I know I prefer shoulder bags so I can grab stuff out more quickly. xxx

  2. I love this time of year… back to school shopping! I hear Vans are great, but never had a pair… it’s not too late is it? I like your backpack too. I always thought you kids had a Cambridge satchel for school 😉

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