IMG_8047I used to do a lot more baking in the pre-baby days, when I could take all my baked goods into work and hand them out to avoid eating all the calories myself. Then Athena came along and apart from her Christening and Birthday cakes I reckon I’ve only baked once a month at best! Sam is sad because he can’t call me ‘Bakeatron’ anymore! When Baking Mad offered to send me a hamper of baking ingredients I said a very quick ‘yes please’ with the memory of opening my box of flour a few weeks back and finding weevils wriggling about in it!


So I donned my apron and had a browse through Baking Mad’s summer recipes saving a few as I went, but then decided that I should really use up the two bars of dark chocolate sat in the cupboard and went for the ‘The ultimate chocolate brownie’ and added nuts to the recipe! Now I’ve bought myself a tablet, following an online recipes is literally a piece of cake (ba boom tsch!) as I can stand it up and follow the screen by screen instructions on the Baking Mad site.


This weekend Athena helped me bake some simple cup cakes too, although I think she preferred the eating to the making as I wouldn’t let her fling the batter all over the floor!


Iced rather messily (I can’t even blame the baby, she was napping!) with dark chocolate butter cream, these disappeared within 24 hours, whoops!

IMG_8297 IMG_8306

What have you been baking recently? Please leave links to any recipes for me to try out!

4 thoughts on “Baking like mad!

  1. Those look delicious! I don’t bake as much any more because Tom’s sweet tooth has seriously diminished over the last few years; and I don’t think it’s appropriate to eat a whole cake in two days (especially not when it has a whole packet of butter in it). That said, it’s a good excuse to make lots of mug cakes just for me, in whatever flavours I like (HELLO chocolate-and-peanut-buttery-goodness) xxx

  2. Yum yum! I’m the same with baking – I love it but if I don’t have work to take it too we eat it all ourselves far too quickly so I don’t do it that much. I do go to a Baking Club that meets every few months too which is good for getting me to try new things.

  3. Mmm those look delicious. Can’t remember the last time I had a decent brownie, am going to have to rectify that having seen these pics I think!

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