Bambino Mio All-in-ones – the overnight test!

From top left clockwis: Forest Friends, Circus Time, Pandamonium & Cheeky Monkey

A couple of weeks ago you may have seen me post this video on instagram showcasing four new prints from Bambino Mio (I’ve popped it at the end of this post too!) The four new nappy prints are awesome! I think my favourite is Circus Time though even the little popcorn containers have ‘BM’ on them! The all in one nappies are designed to take your baby from birth to potty with the poppers at the front letting to adjust the fit. Velcro tabs at the waist enable you to adjust the waist and leg holes, and the super absorbent core tucks inside the nappy and can be pulled out easily with the pull out tab for washing. Booster pads are available separately to create extra absorbency for overnight or heavy wetters. Plus as a pure design factor I love that the velcro tabs are colour coordinated with the prints!


Bambino Mio got in touch with me to see if we would like to try the overnight challenge using the Mio Solo All in One nappies, and I accepted! I think Athena has only ever slept in a cloth nappy overnight about twice, with a leak the second time hence me giving it up. In a bid to save both money and landfill waste I would love to be able to use cloth on her 24/7 now I’ve started maternity leave as she wears disposables at Nursery, on days my mum has her and overnight.


So after pre washing the four super snazzy new prints I thought we’d see how we got on overnight, with the addition of a Mio Solo booster in each nappy. Athena sleeps from 7pm to 7 or 8am each night so at least 12 hours. She also has a bottle of water in her cot overnight sometimes hardly touching it and other nights finishing it all, so she can be quite soggy in the mornings by the time she wakes up.

About to go to bed in Forest Friends!

With some trepidation I got her ready for bed with boosted nappy on, with the addition of a fleece liner as I find they don’t get as creased up and potentially uncomfortable. The first night we tried she slept through as normal! Hurrah! The nappy although fairly full in the morning had left her almost dry to the touch. I was impressed, and most nights since then she’s been in a boosted Bambino Mio! Now I am on maternity leave I will have the energy and time to ensure we can get a cloth wash done every 2 days, and she can hopefully remain cloth bummed as much as possible until we start potty training at some point this year hopefully!

You can  purchase online from Bambino Mio direct, or from plenty of other cloth-bum- retailers! Follow them on facebook and twitter too to keep up to date with all the latest goings on and offers!


I was kindly sent the four new prints and some boosters for the purpose of this review, all opinions are as ever my own.

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9 thoughts on “Bambino Mio All-in-ones – the overnight test!

  1. Cloth nappies look so cute, always tempted to try them with my boy when I see them. Nice to hear how you got on with them #TriedTested

  2. Awww love these prints. Have tried Molly a few times overnight but had leaks each morning. Gutted 🙁

  3. I have never, ever really thought about using cloth nappies, it just doesn’t appeal to me BUT the prints are awesome! I would love our kids to have monkey bums! x

  4. Amazing, I adore the four new prints. I’ve used Miosolos for about a year and a half, I’ve never dreamed of using one overnight though! I do own the boosters too so maybe I’ll give it a try seeing as they worked for you. Tia also takes a cup of water to bed, and like A can drain or leave it. I normally use my pop ins overnight and have never had any issues with them 🙂
    Thanks for linking up with #clothnappylove x

  5. Ohhh I may have to try them over night too. We are still using sposies at night as I bough bamboozles, wraps and fleece liners and they didn’t work for us. I found them to be hard, scratchy (I haven’t got a dryer to let them tumble on low) and he would wake up and his skin would be all clammy!

    Linking up with #clothnappylove

  6. We used reusables from when our son was a few weeks old. What triggered it was seeing how full our bin was with used nappies and how much landfill it was creating. We too got little lamb ( A selection of cotton, bamboo and microfibre). Even the though the microfibres dried really quickly it meant they did not work as well. They didn’t last as long as they should have as he seemed to be too long in the hips. However we did sell them on Ebay so got 50% of the costs back which saved us loads of money overall. We did get the next size but after weaning the nappies didn’t work so well and a bit messy!

  7. I loved the Bambino Mio when I tried them but I was never brave enough to try overnight – I was getting little enough sleep already 😉
    I really should go back to to using them again.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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