Things I am looking forward to this year


I meant to write a post like this at the start of the year, but then things got in the way and suddenly we’ve just started the third month of the year! Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed thinking about the future, how will I cope with two babies under 2 years old. How will we cope financially without met being at work, we’d only just got used to my extra wage (even though most of it went on nursery fees!) and a few other things… but then I think, hey is a LOT to look forward to too…

  • Becoming a family of four! Yes it will be hard, and I’m sure Athena will find it as hard to adjust to the new baby as we will to the broken nights again, but I am looking forward to squishy cuddles, night feeds and all those firsts. The first smile, chuckle, clap of the pudgy little baby hands… it will be magical
  • Our holiday to Bluestone in Wales! We’re going about 5 weeks or so after my due date, and I’m already looking forward to not having to do as much housework, and having lots of outdoor space and activities for Athena to burn off some energy in! I’m also really looking forward to the swimming pool and desperately hoping I’m healed enough for a spin round the lazy river!
  • A Summer of not having to battle the train crowds to and from work, a summer of leisurely trips to the park and the beach and catching up with friends
  • A late summer wedding of a lovely friend (who I met through blogging!) It’s the only one we’ve been invited to this year and it’s on the Isle of Wight so will be like a mini holiday too! (Just need to keep 2 kiddies quiet through the ceremony & find something to wear too, eek!)

I’m sure many more exciting things will happen too, but now when I’m feeling glum all I need to do is look back at this list to cheer myself up! The photo at the top of the post always cheers me up to, hence me adding it!

What are you looking forward to this year?

2 thoughts on “Things I am looking forward to this year

  1. What a lovely list 🙂 I’m looking forward to setting up (and decorating!!) a new home, reclaiming my independence, (hopefully!) spending my summer on Hove seafront (which basically feels like being on holiday) and possibly going on a date or two 🙂 xxx

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