Banish bad bathroom bounty #MiraGiftmas

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How many times have you made this face sly eye when you really hoped to be making this facehearteye when you’ve opened up a gift of bath or beauty products from someone at Christmas? You know, those weird rice paper rose petals that are meant to do something to the bath but actually just stick in your lady-bits… or stuff that smells like grandmas? or worse, grandpas?  This year Mira Showers asked me if I wanted to attempt to end the era of crappy bath products and put together a wishlist of things I’d actually want to open up to make bath times even more enjoyable!

First on the list is a shower radio. I have always wanted one, it would greatly reduce the risk of dropping my phone in the bath, or even having to have it in the bathroom with me! I’d listen to the relaxing tones of whatever is on the radio whilst resting my weary head on an inflatable, waterproof pillow. With ducks on, naturally. Both these bits of amazingness are from John Lewis, fyi!

Everyone loves a good body scrub do they not? Well Orla Kiely have one that smells good, works and looks pretty too, and a nice new pair of exfoliating gloves and a body brush would help scrub it in and wash it off, and supposedly diminish cellulite too, but who knows?

I’m a big fan of massage oils and associated accoutrements, and the Lush massage bars smell amazing and leave a lingering scent on whichever bit of you (or someone else!) you massaged. Finally ever since experiencing a hand massage with Frangipani Monoi Melt by Elemis I’ve been in love with it. I’ve got a a bottle already but i’d be quite happy to stock up in case they ever stop using it! I’d happily wallow in a bath completely filled with it to be honest but it’d probably cost a grand to fill a tub with!

What’s your perfect bathroom related present? Dropped any hints to get it?

This post was written in collaboration with Mira Showers, all words and opinions my own.

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