It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

homebase cristmasChristmas and I have a strange relationship, I think it’s because it was never a really big deal when I was growing up as it was just my mum and me (hello lonely only sibling!) and then as soon as I was old enough to work I worked at a pub so worked over Christmas, then moved on to a hotel and STILL worked over Christmas. Every year since having Athena I’ve tried to be more festive, get more crafty, be more adventurous with Christmas baking… but for some reason each year something happens to get in the way. Normally it’s Sam working and this year is no different, although we’re not sure if he’s going to get Christmas day itself off yet. This year we were really hoping to have moved into the place we’re buying before the end of the year so had sort of decided to go low key as we would be spending time unpacking boxes and getting settled. I’m also just plain exhausted!

I was really, honestly not going to bother with a tree as our fake one is in storage with the rest of our (slightly eclectic and definitely mish-mashed) collection of baubles at my mums garage. However I had an email from the lovely people at Homebase who asked if I wanted to get festive with their range of decorations. Oh go on then, I thought; actually decorating the house would cheer us all up!  I placed an order online for collection the next day from their Paradise Collection, which stood out to me the most for its gorgeous turquoise and purpley hues, with a few gold highlights. There is a distinct feather theme with some hand painted peacock feathers, and glittery birds that perch daintily on the branches.

2015-12-03 15.37.42

I had thought about heading over to get our fake tree out of storage, but when we went to look at all the trees outside at Homebase Athena got so excited I caved and let her pick one! Boy am I glad she chose one that was about her height rather a a six foot one! I had Arlo on my back and a huge back of baubles so would’ve struggled somewhat managing to get that in the car! As it was I got a few odd looks with a Christmas tree in the passenger seat driving home! Because it’s a very dinky tree it looks a bit swamped with all the baubles but, I actually really like the overall effect!

I picked a mixed box that had lots of different styles, shapes and colours in and then a few more sets, along with some gorgeous glass decorations. I did pick a bright purple glittery stag too but sadly he was out of stock at my local store!  Is bauble-porn a thing? I bet there’s a hashtag for that somewhere!

I also strung up some baubles on ribbon to hang from our wall, and popped the nicer glass ones up over my candle shelves so the light catches them in the evenings.

I must say, I am really pleased we not only got a tree, but a real one too as it smells amazing and who can fail to be cheered up with some twinkling fairy lights and some gorgeous baubles? I do definitely feel a lot more festive now, I might get some mulled cider on the go and write my Christmas cards out this weekend! Lots of their decorations have been reduced already so definitely worth checking out online or in-store!

Have you got a colour scheme for your decorations?

Homebase kindly reimbursed me for my the decorations and I purchased our tree myself

2 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. Christmas is EASILY my favorite time of year! The cool weather, the family gatherings, the decorations, the gifts, and the look on my little girl’s face when she opens up her presents — what’s not to love?!

    I’m really loving those ornaments! I consider myself a bit of a “decorate the Christmas tree” freak, so I may have to look into ordering me some of those! Just don’t tell the hubby 🙂

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