Bath fun: Pelican toy storage

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Athena loves baths and refuses to get out even once the water is cold! She has a lot of toys to play with for watery fun too which doesn’t help matters! Annoyingly the tiles in our bathroom have a slightly raised pattern so nothing with suction cups will stick to them, rendering traditional toy holders completely useless (something I found out the expensive way!)

Meet Peli’s Play Pouch, the solution to all of our bath toy problems! Up till now the toys live in the bath once its been drained, then when I need a bath (or to clean it!) I have to put them all in the sink to avoid sharing my bath with numerous ducks and submarines etc! However they now live in Peli’s Pouch, which means they can drain off too once the bath is emptied. When I fancy a bath I just lift it out and pop it the other way round so it’s hanging on the outside of the bath, so doesn’t get in my way, like in the photo above.

From box to bath it took about 3 minutes to assemble and two of those were sticking the eyes on neatly! The bracket is adjustable so it will fit different widths/styles of bath easily too. The only downside I can see is that the sticky label with the brand logo on on the beak isn’t water proof so will need picking off after a couple of baths, but that’s not really a major problem just a minor annoyance.

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Athena is pretty enamoured with yanking things out of the Pelicans pouch (a sturdy net) and then putting things back in, so sadly my problem with her not wanting to get out of the bath isn’t solved as she’d stay in all night given the chance, but the toys all over the place problem is solved once and for all! The Peli’s Play Pouch is available from BabyThingz for £15.95, along with lots of other baby-related items!

We were sent this product in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.

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