What the kids read: Before you Sleep

20160616_171944If you missed my post earlier in the week with some more educational kids books (and a giveaway!) then you can read that here, but today’s post is about a really special book that is perfect for a bedtime story.


Before you sleep – Benji Bennett. – The story behind how this book came to fruition is incredibly sad, but it is so amazing that something so wonderful came from such a sad event. On his 37th birthday the author Benji lost his four year old son Adam. He passed away from an undiagnosed brain tumor. To help encourage parents to enjoy more quality time with their children he penned this book to be the perfect bedtime book to show children that they are loved and that they are special. It’s a really sweet message to have in your head as you drift off to sleep! The story is written in rhyme too, which always helps to capture attention and keep my two little people captivated! The pictures are bright modern and colourful and there is a lot to look out for on each page.


Each page starts with the words’I love you much more than…’ which is also great repetition for little people, and Athena joins in as we turn each page. Winning an Irish Book Award, and out-selling the Grufallo in Ireland Before you Sleep is now being released here in the UK, retailing at £6.99

There are more books by the same author, all inspired by (or featuring!) his son, take a look at the Adams’ Cloud website.

We were sent this book for review purposes, all opinions are my own.



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  1. What a sad thing to happen, but so great to hear that something good came out of his experience. This story sounds lovely, i’m always on the lookout for nice books to send my niece at birthday and Christmas times!

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