So apparently it’s summer time, but you’d be forgiven for not realising. Although we do try and get out of the house at least once a day there are some days when even Athena, the most excitable of puddle jumpers just turns her nose up, and not even the temptation of using her little umbrella can get her out in the rain. She digs her heels in at the front door, and quite frankly who can blame her? However I struggle not to fall back on using the TV to while away the rainy afternoons so I’ve put together a little selection of toys and activities that we can keep for a rainy day, although they all work just as well for non rainy-days!
IMG_8442 IMG_8441 Num-Noms

These collectable scented little characters are absolutely perfect for keeping a secret stash of to break out a new ‘pot’ on a rainy day! With over 5000 mix and match combos there is an endless amount of fun to be had. Series 2 is launching this weekend and we were sent the Freeze Pop starter pack and a couple of the mystery boxes, which are really fun to open for little hands as they’re designed to be like yoghurt pots with a num (the top part, that is scented) and a nom (which are the base bits, either a motorised critter that scoots along a hard surface, a stamp or a lipgloss) The idea is that you can stack up the nums on the nom bases and keep them stored safely in their containers, sniffing as you go! One of Athena’s mystery pots contained a mushroom scented num so there are sweet and savoury scents to mix about! They sell the full range here on amazon and they’ll be available in all good toy stores from July with prices starting at £2.99.


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Minnie Mouse Duplo

We’re already big fans of Duplo, and I often spend a nice half an hour every couple of weeks separating all the pieces back into the right sets and having a little play whilst I’m at it! Athena has ended up being rather a fan of Minnies Bowtique on youtube so absolutely loves this set as it involves both Minnie Mouse and planes, one of her other favourite things. A sweet little set where Minnie can fly her cake deliveries out to her customers or serve them from her little shop!

Washable Fun & Games Mat


This is such a great idea for a rainy day, or for holidays, visiting friends or anytime you can’t be loaded down with lots of different toys, books and colouring bits! It’s a big printed material mat, with fun and games on both sides! It comes with washable markers, dice and playing pieces so not only can you play a giant game of snakes and ladders or noughts and crosses, but you could draw clothes on a person, practise writing letters and numbers or just colour things in!

Lots of educational but fun prompts are included so it’s one of those things that parents know is educational but kids don’t pick up on it as they’re having so much fun! Because it’s completely washable you can just stick it in the washing machine and start again! I can confirm that it comes out as good as new after Athena got a bit trigger happy with a pink and a green pen in a more ‘abstract’ way but she had a ball and I didn’t have to worry about pen anywhere it shouldn’t be! The mat is slightly padded so no chance of colour going all the way through either! The activities are suitable from ages 3 to 10 so if you’ve got kids in this age range everyone will be happy playing with it! It also comes with an eco friendly cotton bag for storage and carrying around easily, win win!

It’s from Double Flip, and everything you buy comes gift wrapped, for free! Athena thought her birthday had arrived again! They sell a huge range of kids toys, sorted by age and including wooden toys stacking toys, fancy dress and more!

What do you turn to to keep everyone busy and happy on a rainy day?


These toys were sent to us for inclusion in this blog post, all words and opinions are my own.

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