Now the wellbeing of a very small human rests upon us, we need to do grown up things, like not spend all our money on remote control car parts (Sam) or on nail varnish (me) or cute (but expensive) clothes for the baby. Instead I have spent the last few weeks attempting to sort out a few ‘grown up’ things that will help us look after our money and safeguard out future… In a bid to help anyone else out who’s attempting to be a grown up and sort these things out I’ll share my thoughts and reasoning. The pictures are all off Sam and the baby because there are no recent ones of the three of us…

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I’m going to start with the most depressing, and that is writing a Will. Something thing I’ve literally never thought about, apart from the time when I was 7 and wrote ‘I want to be a vet’ ten times on one side of the paper and ‘If I die I want my mum to have all my books and my hamster’ on the other side. Anyway, now I have a ‘dependent’ it’s pretty important that (God forbid) I drop down dead that people know what my wishes were. Not only for my possessions but also for how I want my funeral to pan out and who would get Athena (Sam obviously, unless he dropped down dead too!) You can purchase basic Will packs from various places (we bought this one from amazon) It’s advisable to make sure there are several copies of your will in safe places, to avoid a Will Dispute and lots of strife for the people dealing with your estate.

And if that wasn’t depressing enough there’s Life Insurance to worry about too. If you have a baby under 12 months old the Post Office are offering FREE (yes, actually free and no strings attached & more info here) life insurance for the parents/guardians up until the child’s 1st birthday, so if Sam and I get hit by a bus Athena will get 20k. When she is 1 and I am back at work we’ll look into getting a fuller policy that will cover us in the event of a serious illness, accident and of course popping our clogs.


The last thing I need to sort out is a credit card. This is more for Sam than I, as he wants to build his credit rating up a bit, although I have a credit card I am paying extortionate interest on, so I’m looking for one to transfer my balance on to. Sam is interested in one he found that gives you cash back on grocery shopping and petrol, which most people spend a fair amount on I would imagine! So pretty much free money for buying things you would be buying anyway! Plus if you pay back the card in full at the end of the month you earn interest on your money in the bank for longer! Some companies tot up points that can be exchanged for vouchers for purchases/meals/flights etc. Shop around for the best offers at the time, they change frequently as all the companies are competing with each other!

The next boring financey post will be about how to keep everything organised at home, and home insurance, dullsville I know, but useful!

This post contains one sponsored link, all content written by myself and hopefully will be helpful to some of you!

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  1. It’s good to read posts like these, I’m a little clueless with money but I know I got to get serious soon and grow up! Lol you have a lovely family missis! Xx

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