Wishlist: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

…yet some of us don’t have the option of staying inside and snoring. I’ve realised I am not that equipped for wet weather! I have a short rain coat that doesn’t cover my bum and that’s it. No idea where my brolly went to, even.
So after spending two days inside due to torrential rain at the start of the week, I turned to my favourite past time of late which is browsing online shops from the comfort of my sofa!


I discovered the website Diffusion Online through a Google shopping search (I love that feature, even though I swear Google is trying to run my life for me sometimes, it magically connects everything I do on my phone and computer!) and they have a really good selection of Ted Baker handbags and sell some other amazing brands too. I found the Bow bag, which is all PVC and spacious, so good for supermarket treks with the buggy, for all the bits that won’t fit in the basket underneath! Then I found the short hunter wellies on the same website, I look a bit like a little kid in their mums boots when I wear full length wellies as I’m so short, and they always tend to rub the backs of my calves too.
On The John Lewis website (whilst browsing for baby clothes, actually!) I found the rain coat, it’s by White Stuff and is bird print (always a winner!) It’s got nice big pockets and a hood that doesn’t look so big that it will fly off backwards with the slightest gust of wind (I speak from experience!) The brolly is both long enough to cover my head and shoulders and also mostly see through so less bumping into people mishaps, plus it’s nice and bright, so even if I did bump into someone hopefully they wouldn’t be too annoyed when they saw it!
And the purse? Just because it came up in the ‘you might also like…’ section and I DID like it. I also like the fact that spell check wanted to change ‘wellies’ to ‘willies’ in this post.
Are you all set for the gross wet weather?

3 thoughts on “Wishlist: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

  1. I was writing a post about wellies a while back, and my fingers kept typing willies instead. I’m not really sure what this says about me…ahem. I’ve seen a few really nice coats recently, but being a cheapskate I got a Primark parka for £25. I’m quite in love with it though, so it’s all good!

  2. Ooh Google is creepy how it syncs everything from your phone to computer, mine does too!

    Love the Welles and brolly, I’m not ready at all I must stock up!

    Lyndsay xx

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