Big girl beds and stairgates

“Don’t lift anything heavier than your baby” they told me after my C section.”that includes your toddler”. Oh. So the decision to take the side off Athenas cot was made rather hastily after Arlo arrived home. We didn’t want to do it all of a sudden though in case it was too much change all at once, what with having to share her life with a tiny new wailing baby! Athena had slept a couple of nights in a blow up ready bed that we reviewed over on the World’s Apart website and seemed to love it! So we popped that on the floor in her room and let her sleep on that for a night, no issues and she didn’t even get out of it when she woke up!


The next night we took the side off her cot and put the ready bed on top of the mattress for her to sleep in. So she fell out once during the night (amusingly just as I was typing a tweet saying ‘so far so good’) but it didn’t put her off at all and when we asked her if she wanted to sleep in her bed with no sides she said yes! I however was a bit wary of her dropping over the side because she wriggles so much during the night that I sent Sam off to Asda to get a bed guard!


That was ten weeks ago and since then she’s been loving being able to get in and out of bed herself. We’ve set up a little bedside table with some books on so she can read if she wants to, and frequently I’ll check the camera in the morning to see her reading to herself! She spent a good few weeks letting herself out of the bedroom at various times, during the day after her nap it’s fine as we’re around but in the night it could be more problematic as we don’t really want her helping herself to a midnight feast and binge watching Charlie & Lola till dawn! However the novelty soon wore off and she now waits for us to come through in the mornings to get her! After shouting each of our names over and over of course…

 dream baby  security gate

We were actually sent a stair Gate to use for Athenas room but I’ve made the decision to put it on our bedroom door for now so that I can put Arlo down for naps in our bedroom in the Snuzpod, keep the door open for air circulation/ to hear him but keep Athena out! She does so love to stroke him and poke him when he’s dozing!

I chose the extra tall security gate from Dream Baby® as we expect both sprogs to be tall and didn’t want to risk them being able to climb over it if we’re still needing it when they’re bigger! That does mean that I can’t climb over it myself but that’s probably a good thing as I’d do myself a mischief! We’ve also started putting the gate on the front door too now so that we can leave the door open to help the airflow through our flat as all our windows face south! It means that we can safely leave the door open without fear of a toddler escapee but still keep cool.dream baby  security gate

Installing the security gate was easy, although I let Sam do it! Working the gate is also easy enough once you master it! I’ve never met a stair gate that opens the same way twice I swear! But there is definitely no way that Athena can do it which is the whole point! It also closes quietly which is pretty important when there is a baby sleeping near by! A friend also said they loved the idea of a tall one for when a family has larger dogs that can easily vault a normal sized gate, which is something to bear in mind if you do have dog and small children! It fits all standard sized doors, and you can buy extenders so it will fit into wider ones.

DreamBaby® sell lots more safety items for babies, including sun screens and mirrors for cars, cupboard and door locks and also some healthcare items too! You can find them on YouTube, facebook and Instagram.

We were sent a security gate from DreamBaby® for the purpose of this review, all words an opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Big girl beds and stairgates

  1. Ohhh purple cot, how cool! I didn’t have a c-section second time round, but we did make the decision to move Noah to a bed way before Jude’s arrival so he didn’t feel pushed out. He took to it really well! I just have stairgates on the top and bottom of the stairs.

  2. We’ve Just had our new neighbour complain that our stair gate slams so loudly during the day that she thought someone was breaking into her house………

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