Stuff on a Sunday #38

This week has absolutely flown by! This weeks main themes are ‘HOT’ and Charlie and Lola…

On Sunday Sam did a half day at work so we took a walk to my friend Anna (Anna’s Drawing Room) Artists Open House, which was lovely! We got to catch up with the lovely duo behind Hello Dodo, eat some home made cake and chat to a nice old dude who was there too! Athena decided she was too shy to make any badges so I made one with her name on and we picked four more!

Monday was dull, playgroup and endless episodes of Charlie and Lola, along with some ebay listing. I popped into town to pick up some parcels from the depot and when walking through M&S had the following conversation:
Old lady one: Ahhh, is he a good baby?
Me: ummmmm?
Old lady two: Of course he is silly, how can a baby be bad?
I quite agree, it’s always weird when people ask if a baby is good… good compared to what?

Tuesday was a bit exciting, we met up with two mortgage advisors to see if we can start the ball rolling with all that! I am sort of kicking myself for stepping down from my well paid job when I went back to work after Athena, as my salary (when I’m at work) is substantially reduced doing a lesser job and only three days a week. But we CAN get a mortgage just not a big one sadly. We actually went to see a property that day too to start the ball rolling! I’ll write about this more soon in more detail anyway…

Wednesday was one of those days where everything seems like an effort, it was too hot and sticky so we were all on the go slow anyway so it took an age to get us all up and dressed and to the family centre to get Arlo weighed (15lbs 6oz!) and I caught my thumb on the gate there and grazed it, Athena did a massive poo and then had a tantrum when I wouldn’t let her cross the road without holding onto my hand, so ended up wrestling her back in the buggy. Argh! So the afternoon was spent watching endless episodes of Charlie and Lola (which is pretty much the only thing she wants to watch these days!)

Thursday was lovely apart from a testing train journey! We went to meet Polly (from Our Seaside Baby) and her little one for a morning of soft play. They had a lot of fun running around like crazy things, and we had a nice catch up too. I was hoping Athena would sleep on the way back to the train station but nope… not a chance! Arlo woke up within minutes of getting on the train and at one point I had him wailing for food and her running up and down the middle of the carriage. Eventually I got him feeding hands free in the mai-tai so I could get her in the buggy so I could get everyone off the train at the right stop in one piece! Thankfully she still had her normal two hour nap so woke up at half four, then took herself off to bed at half 6, earlier than normal! Amazing! We had spent an hour or so in the garden though where Athena got the hang of her new (to her! these things are expensive… hello ebay!) mini micro scooter!mini-micro-scooter

On Friday we viewed another flat (a dud though) and then I went for a nice walk with two mum-friends and our babies (all the babies were in carriers, yay!) and Athena played with her chum in the woods which was nice, although she did drop Arlos muslin down a badger/rabbit hole never to be seen again! My mum came over in the afternoon, bringing a home made strawberry tart, a football and a pair of shorts.


Saturday saw us up and out early for a peruse of a car boot fair up the road but it was naff, nothing of interest at all! A quick trip to starbucks and the post office then home for a nap (all of us!) I took Arlo to his swimming lesson in the afternoon and then went to meet some friends for dinner later on. We settled down at a lovely table in the pub garden, the other three went in to order and Arlo and I were outside minding out own business when BANG, huge explosion from a shed thing ten feet behind us. Everyone else in the pub garden leapt up and looked shocked, whilst I fumbled about trying to put my boob away and keep arlo from crying that his food source had gone! Turns out a huge gas canister had exploded meaning no food could be cooked. Off we went to the next pub (thankfully this country lane has two not too far away) and whilst ordering there the electricity went! Seriously bad luck, it wasn’t even at the pub but at a fire at the substation somewhere or other. We ended up having our burgers cooked in an oven in the pubs marquee kitchen trailer which runs from a generator, sadly no chips though! However it was so nice to catch up with my friends as it was just pure luck that they were both visiting their parents down here the same weekend!


I am taking things slow blogwise for the next couple of weeks, I’ll still be posting every now and then but I have lots of life-admin stuff to get on with that I need to get ticked off the old to-do list so I can have a clearer head! I also need to stick a load of maternity and baby clothes on ebay which takes ages!

Hope everyone else had wonderful weeks!

4 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #38

  1. I love that photo with you and Arlo on the bike! You look lovely and summery and happy, despite the lack of chips! What rubbish luck! Very exciting about the Mortgage possibilities! Homeowning ahoy!

  2. I can’t believe the amount of stuff you cram into your week! I think I may start doing a stuff on a sunday post in January, love doing something new each new year x

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