What the baby wore: Grey Crosses

I’m starting to put Arlo in ‘proper’ clothes a lot more, rather than just fancier sleep suits. Saying that though the weather is so hot that at the moment he’s often in a short romper or just a vest!

This outfit is from a week or so age before the heatwave arrived. A grey wrap over vest from H&M conscious collection (so gorgeous and soft, and easy to put on) and Zara leggings with crosses on. These are generously cut round the bum so perfect for a cloth nappy baby!

The cloud print bib is from Funky Giraffe bibs, and amazingly the socks are Athenas cast offs! Surprised I managed to keep a pair together for that long, they do have little hearts on them though but Arlo doesn’t mind…

7 thoughts on “What the baby wore: Grey Crosses

  1. Oh, despite my love for baby fashion, I had such a hard time moving the girls from the “sleep suit” stage into real clothes. I mean how many other times in life are you given a pass on staying in your jimmies all day? 🙂 Also, a sleep suit is associated with a tiny baby and real clothes are associated with bigger babies. Sniff, sniff. Your little monkey looks adorable in those pants!! #funkykidfriday

  2. These are my ultimate favourite Zara bottoms. I and such a monochrome, grey and cross obsessive so these are literally perfect in my eyes! I got them for Isla in size 9-12m and I’m still trying to squeeze her into them at 14 months old haha. What a fab little outfit. He really suits Grey and looks pretty pleased with his outfit! What an adorable little chap! Another one of my obsessions is cloud prints so again this outfit is so up my street! Thank you so much for sharing this outfit with us and hope you have had a lovely weekend xx #weekendministyle

  3. That is a lovely outfit for Arlo, i’ve never tried a wrap around vest sadly although I do hear they are very easy to use! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

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