Bing & Sula Best Friend Toys

bing and sula toys
The latest toy addition to our household are Bing and Sula, who not only talk to the kids but to each other too. Bing is often on the TV at our house, I’ve got ever episode on my tablet too and it’s often saved our sanity at meals out or train journeys when I need to keep the kids in one place! Flop is like parenting guru I tell you, he has oodles of patience and always knows the right thing to say to Bing when he’s in a panic! In fact Athena got a flop cuddly for her birthday this year and I often look at it in moments of parenting despair and think ‘what would flop do?’ I’m not even joking, I wish I was. Parenting makes you crazy.

Anyway I’m digressing… When I opened the box up Athena pounced on Sula (an elephant) and Arlo nabbed Flop (the bunny) and that’s how the ‘ownership’ was set! 

bing and sula toys

About Best friends Bing and Sula Toys:

  • The two toys can be played with independently or together, you get both in the box so no need to buy separately.
  • They will interact with each other when they are around 30cm or closer together, if they’re moved out of range they will call for each other (which was a bit disconcerting when it first happened as I wasn’t expecting it!)
  • They can also ‘hold hands’ (Sula has a magnet in her hand and it connects to Bings hand, and most metal things, as Athena discovered to her delight!) and will say different phrases to when they are just close to each other
  • The voices are the same as in the program so will be familiar to anyone who has watched the programmes
  • You can switch off the voices at the battery pack inside, which is probably wise as taking one to bed and then rolling on it may* result in your child waking up and wanting to find the other toy, which is in bed with her little brother in a different room to play at 4.30am. (*okay, it will…) However they’re so easy to turn on and off.
  • They take 3xAAA batteries, which come already included
  • They ask (And answer) each others questions, sing songs (like the ‘Rainybow’ song) and have a lot of well known phrases too “hoppity Voosh” anyone?

bing and sula toys

They’re definitely the current favourites for my two, especially as they’ve been raised to honoured status of ‘toys allowed at the top end of the bed’ by Athena!

bing and sula toys

We received these toys for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.



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