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Well hello there you! I’m Lindsey and I blog over at about daily life and my experiences living in the United Arab Emirates. I’ve lived outside of the UK now since 2006, though I grew up in the UK and went to University in Brighton so I do love a good read of Belle du Brighton and am very excited to guest post here on the site! I’ve always worked in the media industry and am now a freelance writer as I eagerly await the arrival of my first child in February next year…

People are often curious about my life in the United Arab Emirates and why I left the UK. I suppose because of my love of travel and curiosity of different cultures I had always wanted to live overseas, though it always seemed so difficult – how could I find a job? How could I ever make it happen? It all seemed like a mysterious world that was firmly behind locked doors and only the lucky few were able to find the key. Then one day at work, I happened to see an advert for a position in Dubai and decided to apply for it without too much thought. I mean – it was pretty unlikely I’d get it I thought, so I’d worry about the details later if I needed to. Of course, to my surprise, I did end up getting that job and before I knew it I was on a plane to warmer climes. Around the same time, just as my boyfriend and I were wondering what might become of us – the company he was working for advertised that they were setting up a new branch in Dubai… The timing was perfect and thankfully he followed me out to Dubai to start his job a few months later. Since then we’ve had many great adventures out here and were even married on the beach in Dubai! We just love the life here and have never looked back since.


We now live happily in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the country though only down the road from Dubai and we’re excited to be expecting our first child together. So how does it feel to be embarking on this new chapter of our lives so far from friends and family? Well, perhaps a little daunting, though we have many friends around us here now, and of course our family and friends from home visit us when they can. The very thought of moving overseas can be hard for many people to comprehend, but if you’ve ever fancied it I’d always say – give it a go, just do it… what’s the very worst that can happen? After all, if things don’t work out you can always go back home and at least you won’t spend the rest of your life wondering “what if…?”.

Thank you for reading – if you’re interested to know more about my journey, or you’re thinking about moving and would like to ask me any questions you can find me online at the usual places: / Facebook / Instagram

Finally, massive thanks to Lauren for hosting me on Belle du Brighton today, I look forward to reading more of your continuing adventures in Brighton!

[Mega thanks to Lindsey, I would love to live abroad one day though if it decision is up to my Husband it would be Canada I think… I’m so looking forward to seeing how life with a baby abroad turns out for Lindsey! Thank you for blogging for me!]

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