Blue for a…? & an announcement


Maternity dress: topshop (via ebay)


bump at 16 weeks ish (the pictures are a few weeks old as I’m 18 weeks now)


Boots: Barratts (they were in the sale but I cant find them online anymore!) Nails: Revlon ruby red matte.

I adore these boots and the faux fur lining goes all the way to the toes which keeps feet toasty warm, BUT means they are a bit small. I got them in a 5 (I’m a 4-4.5 normally) to allow for socks, but they are snug with just tights! Not sure they’ll be okay for me to trudge around Prague for three days in, but to and from work and round town in the rain they are perfect!

Not a huge deal else to say really, but this what I wore to see Sam being a shepherd in a nativity play (bless his size 14 cotton socks). Supposedly this will last until the bump becomes a baby, but I don’t think there is enough material in it do to that! Maybe it would be better in a size 12 but then it would be even saggier around my non-pregnancy-engorged boobs (SO unfair) so I’ll see how it goes when the bump gets bigger! Also we have no idea of the gender yet, we find out in a few weeks… and I genuinely have no inkling at the moment!

AND….excitingly I have launched another blog about mummying etc with Steph, we’re planning on getting a post up every two days, so the majority of my pregnancy posts will be over there, so feel free to go and have a look and spread the word!

The Realistic Mums Club

This morning I put a post up on there about how we’ve started to save for the imminent arrival, and a few of the things  you could apply to anything you are attempting to save money for!

Happy Friday people!

5 thoughts on “Blue for a…? & an announcement

  1. You look like such a glamorous mummy already! And your bump is so big compared to mine at that many weeks already (I think mine was about that at 22 weeks!)

    I have just joined your new blog and I have to admit I’m SO excited about it!

    Amy x

  2. Wow you look amazing , and i love those boots i had some similar last winter from liverpool , just thought i would drop by and say hello liz from butterfly boo bought me here, and seeing as your friends thought i would come and check you out … ( seeing as liz is so lovely)
    hope your well

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