The Wedding Ceremony

Previous wedding story posts: the week before and the morning of.

I cried a little walking down the aisle. I didn’t expect to but embarrassingly I couldn’t help it, although I am not a crier generally. I think it was the fact that ALL the people who knew and loved were in one place (staring at me) and was hugely overwhelming to see everyone there, with Sam stood at the top of the aisle looking proud and dashing in his Kilt! I managed to pull myself together by the time I reached Sam, with no damage to my makeup (“oh no, don’t bother with waterproof mascara, I wont be teary!” I said to the MAC lady…)

We wanted the ceremony to reflect us, and to be enjoyable to watch and fun to be a part of. We chose hymns that most people would remember from their school days (one more step along the world I go, and Give me Oil in my Lamp (we also chose this as it was sung as Sam’s brothers funeral) and we had three readings, one by Sam’s sister, who read ‘love’ from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, by Louis de Bernier, a reading that my friend Carla wrote that was a poem about us and how we’d grown together (she hadn’t let me see it before the day, so it was very touching and sweet to hear her read it aloud to everyone) and a bible reading by my dad.


My aunt and uncle and cousin who are choristers also sang an anthem for us, they only managed to get a rehearsal in with the organist that morning, but it was brilliantly sung and something very special.

During the signing of the register the organist played the “theme from Babe” (which is actually by Saint Saens and sounds like this) and after our final blessing we happily danced (well we didn’t but almost) out of the church to much happiness with this song blaring out:

There was warm mulled cider and wine waiting in cauldron things for people to grab a glass of on their way out of the church for the photos too…

I’ll get writing the next few, and yesterday all the photos arrived for us to sort them and stick them in a the big book we got, along with a few other memories from the day!

12 thoughts on “The Wedding Ceremony

  1. Aww look at you looking all lovely! It looks like you had such an amazing day, and I love the choice of hymns. I definitely think personal hymn/song choices are a lovely choice, I definitely know when/if I get married I’ll be pretty adamant on putting a very ‘us’ stamp on everything like you guys did! 🙂 x

  2. Such lovely photos, it sounds like such a perfect day. I know I have said it before, but I love your dress. x

  3. Surprising how many brides cry down the aisle, I got a rather large lump in my throat but sister in law blubbed (and continued for almost her whole service).
    Sounds heavenly x

  4. Big congratulations!! It looked like such a lovely ceremony! And as a fellow Brighton Girl I’ve got to say you looked amazing!! 🙂

  5. What a lovely ceremony! I remember Give me Oil in my lamp!! Brings back good memories 🙂
    Lovely dress too, looks like it was a perfect day! x

  6. ohh congratulations! i feel very privileged to be reading about all your amazing happenings – remember happiness is the journey so i hope you are having a fantastic time! and i hope prague isn’t too chilly! x

  7. great idea to have the warm drinks waiting for everyone before the photos! loving your photos & looking forward to seeing more! x

  8. Your wedding pictures are fab! Sounds like an amazing day! Just started planning for our 2015 wedding, so much to think about!! xo

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