Time for (bluebird) tea

I like tea. Quite a lot in fact, I have a whole shelf in one of my kitchen cupboards devoted to various teas (and hot chocolates). I rarely get to drink a whole mug whilst it is still hot during the day due to an increasingly speedy and exploring baby. Once she’s in bed I try and treat myself to a hot cup and drink it ALL with a biscuit (or four) normally. Then I start the housework or blogging or whatever else needs doing.
Last week a friend popped over for a catch up as we’d not seen her since Christmas, so I got the elephant teapot out (from amazon!) and we enjoyed a pot of ‘Honey Bee Beautiful’ from the selection I was very kindly sent from The Bluebird Tea Co. They have a vast array of pretty much any tea you could ever want. What I like best is that on their website they have a clever tool to help you find the right tea for you using options like “I want to dunk a biscuit”! Oolong, White, Matcha, Rooibos… its all there!

It was pretty tricky deciding what I wanted to sample but in the end went for Honey Bee Beautiful, Mint Choc Rooibos, Dark choc chilli chai & Vickys Sponge cake. My favourite is the Mint Choc Rooibos, shortly followed by the Dark Choc chilli chai. I can’t even begin to explain quite how exactly like their flavours these teas taste. You know when you have to put 3 teabags of most flavoured teas in a mug to get any semblance of the flavour you’re after? Not with these babies you don’t!That’s because they actually have the ingredients in, not just flavouring!
IMG_3414 IMG_3417

When I don’t have anyone to share a whole pot with I use my little duck tea diffuser (also amazon!) to get the perfect cup. Each packet of tea has a label on telling you how it should be brewed, type, time, the temperature, milk or no milk. It’s really cleverly designed and I love the personal touch too (plus I can tell Krisi is a proper sweetheart from our email conversations!) which seems to be a theme throughout the whole company. Take a look at their about section (then explore the rest of their site) to find out why they started this wonderful company, and how amazingly well it has done since it’s conception! In the next month or so there will be a Tea Mixology store opening in Brighton, to run alongside their mixology classes and I can’t wait to pop in and say hello (and try our the rest of the 50+ flavours!)
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  1. Oh my gosh that teapot! I am now wanting to stalk amazon for it. Carrie told me about these guys a while ago and they really look great! Looking forward to their Brighton store, I can tell it will be a wonderland

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