Bobux Blaze Toddler Shoes

bobux iwalk

Athenas feet seem to be growing at a rate of knots. She’s now a size 8 and I’m hoping she’ll slow down a bit now so that these new trainers can get maximum wear! They’re the ‘Blaze’ from Bobux and are designed especially for little people who are constantly on the go, which sums Athena up to a T.

bobux iwalk

Featuring an easy to fasten velcro strap these are very toddler friendly, and the awesome unicorns are a perfect way for Athena to learn which shoe goes on which foot as I’ve told her that the unicorns ‘kiss’ as they face in to each other on her feet.┬áSuper soft cotton linings mean these are comfortable with or without socks and no chance of rubbing her delicate little feet anywhere. She always prefers to wear shoes she can put on herself so these have been pulled from the shoe rack every day, and she likes the ‘ooncorns’ on them!

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The sole is incredibly flexible, so whatever Athena is climbing over, walking on, jumping from or hurtling through her shoes don’t restrict her one bit! It’s white rubber so won’t scuff floors or anything, and talking of not scuffing the toe material is a thicker non scuff material too so these will look better for longer! How incredibly annoying is it when you get a new pair of shoes and within a few wears they’re covered with marks and scuffs? Athena has been wearing these Bobux Blaze trainers almost daily for over a month (including at nursery and playgroups) and they’re looking as good as new!


Bobux are renowned for their stylish but functional and feet-safe shoes, from first walkers to shoes for bigger kids. All designed to make sure that feet are supported as they grow. This Blaze range also includes a cheetah style and a tiger high top style too as well as plenty more styles in their iwalk range for toddlers and preschoolers. I think you’d be able to find shoes for any occasion in the range, from smart to every day.

We were sent a pair of Bobux shoes for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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