Moving in less than a week!

We got the keys to our new home on the 7th March and since then we’ve been slowly starting to get things started in terms of sorting and decorating. We have had many trips to B&Q and stood for what seemed like hours in the paint aisle trying to decide on colours. Our list of things to do seems to be getting longer and longer as more things get added to it, often bumped nearer the top and our dream of moving in and it all being done are slowly slipping away! Sadly we can’t afford to pay rent where we are as well as a mortgage payment for our new home for any longer than we are and time is slowly ticking closer to our move in day (Wednesday!)

We’ve painted two rooms out of the five we wanted to though so that’s not a bad start! We will hopefully get another couple done this weekend as both our mums are coming to help us out.  It is so tricky trying to get anything done with two small kids, they both want to be in everything and there are lots of tools and things about which is obviously not that safe! I did get few walls done with Arlo on my back in the sling when Athena was at Nursery, and that’s the plan for Tuesday too. We still need to buy and lay the kitchen floor tiles, and we really wanted to take up the old carpet in the kids playroom too but I think that will have to wait for a later date, and it’s a good excuse to buy a new rug!

We’ve decided to leave the bathroom as it is for now, it’s pretty gross but usable and Sam as installed a new shower and tap unit so at least we can have a good shower, even if it is surrounded by a peach bathroom suit and tiles as old as me probably!

So far there’s only been one ‘do it yourself disaster’ too, which happened on exactly the day that HMC Furniture Ltd happened to email me to ask if I had ever had one! I’m calling it sods law! After ripping up the lino in the kitchen after replacing a sink unit Sam and his friend thought they would fix a couple of squeaky floor boards by banging a couple of nails in the joists beneath. Immediately after banging these boards in there was a hissing noise… and then hot water! Turns out they’d stuck the nails into our central heating pipes! Whoops! Thankfully some very quick thinking ensued, and the water got turned off sharpish and there was no damage to the floor underneath or the ceiling downstairs! It could have been a lot worse, and considering this is the only major DIY disaster to have happened yet I still think we’re pretty lucky! Oh, unless you count the baby crawling over to a discarded paintbrush and pulling it off the lid it was stuck to revealing wet yellow paint beneath! I guess that’s a bit of a disaster but thankfully we had dust sheets down so when he went crawling off he didn’t make too much of a mess!

Once we’re in and unpacked and the place is starting to look a bit nicer I’ll share some more photos but for now, keep your fingers crossed that we have no more disasters and that the move goes smoothly!

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